She woke up startled in the middle on the night. Cold sweat beading on her face, she let out a gasp. Her mother who had been hugging her close to her heart got up shockingly. “What is it my child… sleep off.” “I can’t sleep, mama…there’s a monster” the little girl uttered. Scared, she buried… Read More Trepidation


“It’s my birthday” the first thing that she said in the morning. “Of course it is!” I beamed at her, “Happy Birthday darling!” I planted a kiss on her forehead. She smiled and hugged. I picked her up, like each day, and placed her at the washroom doorstep. Sleepy-eyed, she looked up at me,  “Will… Read More Innocence


At the brink of losing herself, she sat with her hands folded, her tears dried at the corner of her eyes. The darkness outside symbolic of the emptiness she felt inside. She raised her head, one more time, hoping to see towards the light. Her focus was waned by a film of tears beginning to… Read More Despair


From across the corner of the hall he looked at her and then back at the professor, busy with drafting chemical compositions on the board. He was unable to focus ahead while his heart kept floating further left to where she stationed herself. Another four times that he gazed at her and she gave him… Read More Love