Passion Interrupted


As soon as they entered the door, they pounced on each other, drowned in the embrace kissing passionately. Suddenly she broke the caress and looked at him. His deep blue eye smesmerized her, melted her. Just the same as it had the first time she had laid her eyes on him.

“What happened?” He asked, breathless.

Catching her breath she responded by signaling him to be quiet. She looked around for any traces of another human in the house. She hastily went inside a door and emerged as quick. She winked at him, implying that it was just the two of them there. On being assured, she invited him on the couch, anticipating the fervent evening that lay ahead of them.

He followed her like a smitten kitten, mesmerized by her curves, hungrily looking at her inviting breasts perked on ends.

“I hope the door is locked,” he spoke under his heavy breath. She nodded.

“He won’t enter unannounced, would he?” as he said this he placed his mouth on hers and savored her lips. She was by now undoing his shirt buttons while his hands found their way under her blouse. Her hair spread like cascading water on the couch as her head fell back in passion. Their wreathing bodies lay in passion. As she was about to toss his shirt away, she paused abruptly. He sprung on his feet, gathering his breath, “Is that him?”

“Seemingly,” she said sheepishly, “he has the key”.


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