Review : Folks, Faridabad

Having seen the breweries mushroom in Gurgaon for a the last few years, it was not surprising that the neighbourhood Faridabad would not join the bandwagon. When I got a chance to visit this new brewery, I knew I wanted to go and visit. Located in the heart of Faridabad, this place is elaborate and spacious. The ambience is modern and functional. With a sunshine yellow Lambretta welcoming at the doorstep, the place gave a contemporary impression. Though they were yet to begin the brewery and bar, yet the place was throbbing with visitors.

FolksAs we seated at a table we noticed that the place was divided into two islands of seating arrangement joined by an alley that had a few tables as well, making it a large place to house at least 150 covers at a time. Now for a new place in Faridabad, that is somewhat huge. Considering that the brewery culture is yet to pick up in Faridabad, this seemed like a great positive to attract more and more people.

Folks 1
The inviting ambience and well lit place immediately took us in and we felt welcome. A menu was handed over instantly and we shortlisted a few starters to begin with. Rajma Galouti on Chhotu Pranathi was the first dish to come in. It was a coin sized kebab on a little parantha with that melt in mouth quality. Murg Reshmi Malai Tikka was another dish that was elegantly presented and was high on flavour. It is a dish made of marinated chicken pieces in indian spices that is cooked in clay oven with cream and cheese

Folks 2Since it is a multi cuisine dining place, we tried their Falafel with Hummus on Pita Bread as well. This was again a bite sized pita bread with a coin sized falafel topped with a dollop of hummus giving it a hint of exclusivity. To wash it all down, we ordered their very refreshing Tuscan Eve that is mocktail made of Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Peach Syrup and Lime Juice and Oreo Shake with dollops of flavoursome ice cream and Oreo chunks that was delightful as well.

IMG_20160818_153323Since we were almost full with the series of starters we needed to order something light for mains, so a portion of Penne Alfredo to share was what we ordered. Since the menu mentioned Spaghetti Alfredo, the staff was accommodating enough to tweak the dish for us. To our surprise, it was very close to the authentic flavours and we learnt that since the chef specialises in Italian cuisine, the dish was presented such.

Desserts are a must when we talk about having a wholesome meal so a Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream is what we ordered. It was disappointing to see a chocolate chip ice cream with an already chocolate filled platter, nevertheless the individual flavours were great. The brownie was soft and rich with that wholesome quality that binds a meal together.Along with a fresh vanilla ice cream it would have sung beautifully.

IMG_20160818_151433Altogether this was a brilliant experience which gave us a complete afternoon meal. Of course, if the bar would have been available it would have served the purpose of the brewery as well. Yet we enjoyed our time there listening to some brilliant English music while gorging on our food. Folks opens a new chapter in the food for Faridabad which is almost struggling with great places to hang out at. Folks in not just a nice food place but a complete dining experience. I shall be headed over again once the brewery is functional. Join in!


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