10 Most Bizarre Jobs in the World

All the labour that a person does is good work. There is obviously nothing that makes a person low by the kind of work that they do. Now, we are not judging anyone by the kind of job that they have but we just could not ignore some of these bizarre jobs that people have around the world. And if they pay someone’s bills, well, who are we to complain?

Nevertheless, if you thought that your job sucks, its time you have a look at these. Some of them don’t seem to have a reason at all!!

1. Toques – electro shock givers (Mexico)

If you are looking for a quick buzz, this one shall help you. In Mexico, bars have “Toques” where people can get “shocked” either to calm them or just to get a bit of a high. I say it’s better than any other addiction, only if this does not become an addiction! Guess, am already high!

2. Oshiya – people onto train pushers (Japan)


These people are hired by the Subway to push people onto the trains to ensure that the space inside the train is used to its optimum. Now that may sound funny but surely it’s a very important job considering that the government resources must never go waste. In India, though this job would never be needed, since most of us are already great at pushing people inside trains and metros.

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