A Happy Teardrop

Ever felt that your heart has flown out of your body and stood right in front of you, breathing peacefully and bringing a blissful calm to your entire being? They say, such surreal experiences happen when every ounce of your body is deeply in love. Love, which not only makes your head reel with unexplained emotions but also displays certain sentiments that transform your sanities. Such love!

Such love is only possible when its seen from an unconditional point of view and more often that not such love is possible only when one is selfless. And being selfless simply comes naturally, not because you are in love. Its complex, isn’t it? I reckon so too. Such love is purely based on how you feel about that breathing heart outside of your body. Let me attempt to explain.

I have always wondered why when children are dropped off by parents at their respective school bus stops in the morning, that they wave them bye as if there is no tomorrow. As if the time and distance between them is irreparable. As if the next time they meet their children they would find them a tad bit different. As if once the children are back from school they would have imbibed all the wisdom of the world.

All this is true, in reality. All this really happens. At the time when your child boards the bus and stations themselves next to a window, for a fraction of a second their eyes hunt for you in the pool of parents and as soon as their eyes meet yours, time freezes. In those few seconds there is a silent communication where you commune how your heart swells with pride looking at them in their slick school uniform and they respond with equal measure by a silent thanks for letting them off right at the edge, from where they are now free to fly. That one brief moment in time between you two transforms into a silence prone bubble where unseen flights of expressions communicate through the air that separates you.

From here on, your child becomes that perfect being in a uniform as if they are headed to a life of purpose; where you know that once they are back, they would be wiser by a day; where you know that you have given them one more opportunity to realize that they can be whosoever they want to be because you chose for them this prospect; where you know that they would be thankful for all of their life because you showed faith in them.

waving at the bus

No wonder, then, that on seeing their kids off, all parents wave enthusiastically to their kids because they know for sure that the kids are onwards on a journey of their own, with their own set of demons to deal with, their own set of fears to conquer, their own set of heights to scale. And then in that one transcending moment life is never the same as it was because the next time they will meet their children they would definitely find them a tad bit different. And also, once the children are back from school they would have indeed imbibed the wisdom of the tiny little world that they live in.

With that thought safely tucked in the realms of your conscious, you turn back, every step reminding you that you are not moving further away from them but indeed getting a step closer to their heart. You smile, a gratified smile, while a happy teardrop shines in the corner of your eye.


10 thoughts on “A Happy Teardrop

  1. That was just lovely. Welcome back Kajal. You caught the whole feeling so beautifully. I’ve been seeing the kids off for a few years now yet the feeling never changes. I never want to miss that morning ritual even though they have started saying I don’t need to come with them.

    1. I know what you’re saying. They grow up and there are things they don’t want us to do for them. Even though we have been training them to do things on their own, once they start doing that, you heart just slumps a bit knowing they won’t need you for it anymore. Such a silly, funny emotion this is. Thanks for the read Tulika 🙂

  2. This post captures the feelings so beautifully. It is one experience that fills you with excitement, pride, hope and happiness. This took me back in time when I used to drop AG to his school bus. Good to see you back at this space and what a come back! ♥

  3. That’s just so wonderfully written. I bet it brought a smile to everyone who is reading it. Lovely! The emotions are captured just the right way here 🙂

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