She woke up startled in the middle on the night. Cold sweat beading on her face, she let out a gasp. Her mother who had been hugging her close to her heart got up shockingly. “What is it my child… sleep off.”

“I can’t sleep, mama…there’s a monster” the little girl uttered. Scared, she buried her face in her mother’s embrace and sobbed inconsolably.

“Shhh… It’s just me, your mother.” Trying to console her little one, the mother realized that indeed the world is full of monsters. She wished she could save her angel’s battered wings for always. Sigh!

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Linking this to Ultimate Blog Challenge – July 2014

This month, I hope to do a theme “Emotions” and that too in the form of drabble. Hopefully, I am able to do justice to my resolve of writing the whole of this month.

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14 thoughts on “Trepidation

  1. I’ve been hearing variations of this a lot recently. People are actually scared to have kids now because they worry about the monsters out there who would rape even six month and six year old children…

  2. I see where you’re coming from Kajal. When the apparently safest places like home and school aren’t safe how can patents ever stop worrying? It is indeed a very very scary world out there.

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