Hey I got the green ones” he screamed with joy, taking out the pair of skates he had been wanting for a long time. Immediately he looked at his little sister taking out her surprise gift. She carefully unwrapped hers to expose a swanky black scooter. Her eyes lit up with joy and she let out a scream.

Simultaneously, the boy sprung to his feet and called out to the mother, “but hers is better than mine!!

Well, you stick to it now…you wanted this, you got this!” she reasoned.

The brooding boy kept staring at the puzzled little girl.


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Linking this to Ultimate Blog Challenge – July 2014

This month, I hope to do a theme “Emotions“and that too in the form of drabble. Hopefully, I am able to do justice to my resolve of writing the whole of this month.

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19 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. This reminds me of my two kids. You get them exactly what they want and then they throw a fit and want what the other has! UGH! These days we don’t surprise them anymore. We set a dollar amount and then we go shopping for Christmas or birthdays. That is the last they see of it till the day and by that time it is wrapped. They have to open it and be surprised and most of the time they are. If they didn’t get what they truly wanted with their money then it is all on them so they have to choose wisely and carefully. I always liked the element of surprise growing up but there are advantages to letting them pick out exactly what they want. ♥

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