girlIt’s almost the same story each morning; rushing out of the house, almost forgetting one or two items back on the table; hopping on to the car as quick as possible and with equal fervor zooming it to the school, singing along with the radio.

Hurry up, hurry up…we’re late” my constant chants do nothing to speed up the steps that casually pull out of the car. Banging the door behind and waving an enthusiastic hand at me, she calls out “Come soon”.

I smile; she turns around with the same hipp-ty-hop steps, all charged up for a new adventure.

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Linking this to Ultimate Blog Challenge – July 2014

This month, I hope to do a theme “Emotions” and that too in the form of drabble. Hopefully, I am able to do justice to my resolve of writing the whole of this month.

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14 thoughts on “Carefree

  1. now this is surly something to put a smile .. reminded me of ME.. in the good old days 🙂 I was so laid back.. but my enthusiasm made up for that bad feature:)


    God bless the little one

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