wreckedWake up, wake up”, he said persuading her to get up from her siesta; his helpless tears flowing incessantly. His trembling hands holding the body close to his chest.

She lay there, silenced forever. Her only fault being that she is a girl in a conformist world and her honor meant nothing to the four monsters that annihilated her dignity without remorse.

She can no longer hear her father’s implorations. Her mother’s implausible shock remains unfazed. Her vivacious laughter no longer rings in their house.

From now, a silent lamp will alight at their doorstep, each night, hoping for justice.

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Linking this to Ultimate Blog Challenge – July 2014

This month, I hope to do a theme “Emotions“and that too in the form of drabble. Hopefully, I am able to do justice to my resolve of writing the whole of this month.

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25 thoughts on “Wrecked

  1. I had gooseflesh in the end. Kajal you have written it in a way that reader reaches that spot with her father and imploring her to get up..


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