Infectious Enthusiasm

Bye”, he said dejectedly.

By…e” she responded, utterly displeased.

enthuWhy did she have to leave, especially when the fun had just begun; the dragons had just discovered their fire, the Legos were beginning to take shape, the angry birds were just beginning to find their aim, the transformers were about to begin their war.

Another day, kid”, the mother’s promise was not bought willingly. It’s only when she said that they could play on the weekend that her eyes lit up again. “Promise?” she asked excitedly. “Of course!” the mother knew that her infectious enthusiasm would make her give in.

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Linking this to Ultimate Blog Challenge – July 2014

UBC it is! Its been a while I participated, so when Shilpa asked me this time, without batting an eyelid, I said yes!

This month, I hope to do a theme “Emotions“and that too in the form of drabble. Hopefully, I am able to do justice to my resolve of writing the whole of this month.

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44 thoughts on “Infectious Enthusiasm

  1. You’d wish to play with them the whole day through… if only there weren’t other things to attend to. Nothing makes my day more than making a child happy. The kid’s expression is very well depicted through your narrative. Sweet!
    This is the first post I’m reading from the July UBC…hope to see you around 🙂

  2. All the best for UBC!
    such a cute post this is! Made me smile.. a kid’s enthusiasm is always cute and its so hard to leave when one is having so much fun! 🙂

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