Goodbye, Midnight Gray

mg2Just one of those random surprises was thrown at me when my husband declared that he had booked a car, about 7 years ago… eventually. That day was an eventful one. Simply because we had been hunting for a decent car that would fit our budget and it was supposed to be the first car that “we” ever bought. His eyes gleamed as he looked at my baby bump and smiled “she’s a lucky munchkin!” he said. Yes, we always knew it was going to be a girl and that’s how we referred to her even before she was born. My stubborn resolve that we would get the baby from the hospital in a new car, gave way to this-our first car- The Santro.

mg6Midnight Gray, the salesman proudly announced…to me it looked more like black and till date I have been referring to it as black. Anyway, so the black beauty arrived almost 3 months before Little Miss D walked into our lives and we proudly took the baby home in our brand new car that we could hardly stop boasting about. When others around us were proud owners of Corollas, Accents and the likes…we could only muster the humble economical ride. But, oh boy, looking at that shiny thing parked outside the house was the most happiest I had been up till then.

mg7I guess she took the sign that we were beaming bliss while swooshing and swinging through with her and so she reciprocated with just as much warmth. My eight month baby bump was as safe behind the wheel as later my toddler, belted comfortably when she was just 5 months old. Those cackling laughs when I would honk or swiftly move up and down a speed bump are still fresh in my memory. The day when we took her for her first picnic, her first doctor visit, her first mall visit, her first visit to the grandparents with ma and pa and so many other firsts…all a part of Little Miss D’s experiences we can call “firsts”.

 mg8That horrific day when a tractor on the road took a wrong turn ramming into us while I was at the wheel and the little one was cuddled in her babysitter’s arms in the rear seat, was one of the days I was shuddered to the core. I had stormed out of the car, ignoring my own safety and screamed the hell out of the chap. Though no one was hurt but the incident scared me to bits. Thankfully Midnight did all she could to keep us safe…and she always has. Until now.

 mg4Today, she bids adieu and I am overwhelmed with all these feelings. Our first ever car, witness to our lives in the last seven years- the cuddles, the songs, the learning to whistle with the songs, the lullabies, the grocery shopping, the weekend outings, the fights, the tiffs, the scolding, the job frustrations, the life frustrations, watching the night sky from the windows, the screaming through the glass at the cows strolling on the road, the clicking pictures waiting at the traffic signals, the picking and dropping to day care/playschool/school, the changing of shoes on rainy days to crocs, the trips to vacations by road, pulling over at the roadside to enjoy a mini-picnic, taking turns at the wheel on a long drive, kissing, cuddling, dancing…almost my whole life. Quite a journey, this has been!

mg5While driving to work this morning, I suddenly realized that this would be possibly the last time she would accompany me to work, like she has been for all these years and I was totally inundated with emotions. These years have been so memorable for me, seeing my baby grow each day and Midnight was there to help me through it all. She would always be a very special car for me, even though there may come and go many, after this. Through the roadblocks and highways, she has supported me and never failed. Well, sometimes… of course she was not invincible. She did have her lows…but such is life. Ain’t it?

mg1As they say, send out the old to make room for the new. And so Midnight leaves us today so we can welcome a new entrant in our lives and a lot of memories that we will weave in the future. Here’s a toast to the car that sailed through our lives like we had never imagined and the memories we made with her for all these years.

Goodbye, Midnight Gray.






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20 thoughts on “Goodbye, Midnight Gray

  1. I can understand how you must be feeling. There are so many memories attached to things that have been a part of our lives. I loved how you described your journey and that you called it midnight 🙂

  2. Getting your first car is a big milestone and there are always memories attached. Your affection for Midnight is obvious and I love that you named her such. I had a Camaro Z28 once and called her “Madame Z” 🙂 Here’s hoping your new car will be equally memorable!

  3. This was a joyful read, Kajal. I really liked how you gave such personality to a car, and made it look much, much more than a car. It is a great reminder of how we are the ones who give meaning to every possession of ours, and almost make them living companions in this journey of life. Very well written!

  4. I can totally understand your feelings.. Hugs Kajal! I’m sure the new car will bring plenty more precious memories and keep you and your lovely family safe 🙂

  5. I loved the way you wrote this and I am sure it will trigger all kinds of memories and emotions with your readers. Isn’t it funny how we grow attached to certain cars? I am sure you will be making many more memories with your new one. Thoroughly enjoyable post

    1. Thanks Carol. Sure its so strange that one gets so attached to certain things…like this one it has not life like furniture in the house yet somehow she was real to me….close to life…close to heart 🙂

  6. This was an awesome post. The memories some of those cars leave us with are simply priceless and are stored in the heart forever. I have a couple cars I have felt that way about over the years…a 1984 Dodge Dakota Shelby Charger, and that lovely Ford Probe. I forget what year that one was …but I simply loved it!

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