The Lessons We Learn-Together

Yes, its been a while I have posted here and that’s simply because I have been away. Does that make any sense? Ah well, anyway!

Just because its been a while, my muse thought it would benefit her if she visited elsewhere and so its taken me a while to send for her. Well, today as well, I don’t have much to offer, just that I needed a forum to share this tiny piece of incident and this time it is speaking in Little Miss D’s voice.

Here are some of the things that she recently came up with and I needed to record them somewhere so here it goes.

I was watching some songs back to back on Youtube for some of the posts I was busy creating for my movie blog and it was her time to chill and play. She came and sat by my side just to check what I am up to listening to some of the songs she had not heard in the recent times (the songs were actually from the 90s!). Suddenly she throws in an array of questions:

D: Is the heroine gonna die?

Me: No!

D: What if she falls off the cliff?

Me: She won’t!

D: How do you know?

walkingMe: I have seen the movie, the heroine does not die.

D: {satisfied she goes back to playing}

After a while another song came up and again she came over with her set of questions:

D: Who is this heroine?

Me: Dia Mirza

D: Is she going to die?

Me: No!

D: Why?

Me: Why do you want her to die?

D: I don’t want her to die.

Me: Then why are you asking me if she’s going to die.

D: Because all she’s doing is just running from here to there in the song and nothing’s happening

Me: So, why die? Why didn’t you ask me if she’s going to dance?

D: {shrugs and gets back to busying herself}

Scared at her inclination for destruction I get back to my work, worried. Cursing the numerous cartoon programs inclined towards killing and dying, I somehow managed to focus back on what I was doing at the moment. By then, we had landed to another number from the 2000s and she returned, while I was still miffed.

D: Who is this heroine?

Me: Ayesha Takia…and she is not going to die.

D: Of course she is not going to die.

Me: Now, how did you get to know that?

D: Because I have seen this movie!! {matter of factly}

Me: {no longer miffed, I grab her arms and bring her in a warm big bear hug}

D: Let Salman Khan die! {she suddenly said}

That naughty glint in her eyes was enough to tell me that now she is big enough to tease me. And no! Salman Khan is NOT going to die!!


We’re looking at some samples of cakes online for her impending birthday next month. You know how the pre celebrations are! A lot of considerations. So here we were looking at the fabulous cake designs online and shortlisting some of them. As we move, we come to a cake that was beautifully created in three tiers with a set of booties in the bottom tier, a tiny baby dress on the second tier and a baby cot on the top tier. She asked me to stop so she can have a closer look, while I was least interested in the design that was clearly meant for little babies.

D: Its beautiful

Me: It is! But its a baby boy’s cake.

D: Why is it a baby boy’s cake?

Me: Because its all made in blue {I swear, it was an impulse response!}

D: So what, I like blue…its one of my favorite colors.

Me: {realizing I had dropped a bomb, already, I tried getting back on the saddle} Of course, what I meant was, its an infant’s cake.

D: Yes …so I don’t want it for my birthday, I just liked it, that’s all.

talkingTalk about clarity of mind! Once again, I was stumped and I realize that I may have to work really hard on myself to erase the sub conscious notions about gender equality and rationalize them before I begin to preach the little one. Especially when she herself is totally clear about her beliefs.


Today when she was telling me about the dance class she had attended she said, “I like girl steps in the dance”.

Me: But dance is dance, there’s no boy step and girl step.

D: Yes, I mean, I like swift moves (she waved her hands lyrically to demonstrate)

Me: I know what you mean, so boys can dance like that too.

D: But the boys in the class don’t dance like that.

Me: What do they dance like?

D: Ma’m gives them different moves like this {she again demonstrated}

Me: Hmm… {what do you say to that!?} But you are doing the steps nicely too.

D: Yeah, because I am good dancer, no!

Of course! But the point is…who decides who does what best!


Slowly, gradually we grow each day. Step by step we match up and move ahead. Some she teaches me and some I do. But most of all, I learn a lot about myself…each day!

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14 thoughts on “The Lessons We Learn-Together

  1. I enjoyed reading this piece so much, didn’t want it to end. Wished the stories continued one after the other. Dhanak…keep the questions coming dear.

  2. Wow! D has a LOT of clarity of thought! She is a very intelligent and a bright child! Savor all these moments and yes, the journey as a parent is full of learning and newer experiences all the time 🙂

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