A Good Deed Never Goes Undone

Lovely weather, this morning. At 5:30 the soft breeze waved the curtains and in seeped the soft rays of the sun on his face. He slept like a baby cuddled under the covers; I give him a glance and rolled off the bed to carry on with my routine. Walking out of the room in the hall I thought ‘isn’t it eerily quiet in here’. Just then the doorbell rang and in came the house-help bringing along with her the regular cacophony. I passed on a formal smile. A while later, the cook walked in with her routine question hurled at me “what do I cook?” I mumbled, she pulled out something from the refrigerator and went about her business too.

good deedI picked up my laptop, switched on the Wi-Fi and planted myself on the sofa. I looked out of the window. The constant humming of the pigeon in the balcony drew my attention to her. I walked towards the balcony and opened the door letting in the fresh morning breeze. The pigeon continued her morning cooing, perched atop the balcony grill. I noticed that the pot of water kept for the birds was almost empty. I walked inside to fetch a glass of water for the thirsty bird and poured it in the vessel. She looked at me admirably and then suddenly flew away. A good deed gone waste, I thought to myself. Or maybe, that’s not what she wanted. Ah well, how would I ever know?

I walked back inside, back to my laptop. As soon as I was about to begin the task I had on hand, I heard the sound of the pigeon again. Two this time. I smiled. A good deed never goes undone, I remind myself. I smiled some more, hoping that the word would go far and wide in the bird community and the birds would come flocking to seek refuge from the smelting heat in my balcony. I put my laptop away and kept listening to their conversation all the while imagining what they must be conversing about. It can be such a pleasure just to be able to participate in the works of nature. The two ladies, walking in and out of the rooms could hardly fathom what was it that made me smile as much. One of them asked “what makes you so quiet today, didi?” “Nothing”, I responded.

kindnessSoon it was time to get ready for work and off I went tearing myself away from the nature’s wonder. The baby face was already up from his slumber. An hour later, both of us were about to leave for work when he asked, “What are you smiling about?” “Nothing” I responded. A long pause later while we are descending in the elevator, I said, “Can we have another pot of water placed in the other balcony?” A question such as this, out of the blue, usually draws a counter question. This time it was “sure”! We smiled, kissed and went our respective way to fulfill the demands of the day.

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24 thoughts on “A Good Deed Never Goes Undone

  1. Looks like you are all settled and at peace. Which is why you are thinking about others. Even the pigeons. I have nothing against the pigeons as long as they wear diapers. Tired of cleaning pigeon poop. 🙂

    1. ha Ha…I knew this was coming. Yes, pigeons can be a menace…we have had ruined clothes on the clothesline lately but what the heck..t.hey need shelter too 😛 😀

  2. Loved reading this post. It felt so serene and peaceful…the picture you created in my mind about the birds conversing and enjoying their morning drink is lovely!
    I love listening to the birds visiting my garden in the morning…..

  3. Made me smile..
    I wake up at 5:45 and go for a walk. It’s lovely to hear the birds cooing away. 🙂
    And yes, I love the thought – “A good deed never goes undone”

  4. Kajal, this felt like I was reading my own journal. Early mornings in the balcony is indeed a boon in this stressful life. And yes, the summer heat does bring in a lot of birds for water. I have kept one pot near the kitchen window too and that makes me feel like I have friends around. 🙂

    1. Its indeed a great feeling to be able to connect with nature in this concrete jungle in some small way….and even if it means just being kind to the birds….

      Thanks for hopping by Rekha…am glad you found your way here 🙂

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