Just A Smile

One of the best ways to make an impression on someone is the ability to smile inspite of anything. A person who smiles a lot always remains in my memory, even if I don’t (seldom) remember their name. Yes, the shine through a person’s smile leaves me with an unfaltering impression.

smilRecently I have moved to a new place and so I have been totally busy managing and settling the home. The first day when we moved, me and my husband were huffing and puffing giving directions to the movers and packers’ folks to handle the stuff, having it arranged in the house, moving up and down the elevator to pick certain items from the car and all of the drill. Once we were done, almost by midnight, we both took a long hard look at the house scattered with loads of cartons in every room and by the end of the day all we wanted to do was crash and die (figuratively, of course!)

Anyway, we did not have a bed made for us to crash on at home so we decided to drive down to my brother’s place-that is in the neighborhood. Perspiring, tired and almost in a zombie like state we dashed out of the house. Waiting for the elevator was another couple who were, possibly heading out for a night stroll in the compound. We smiled, they smiled. A casual hello and an awkward silence while waiting for the elevator later, I initiated the conversation by giving out my name. Pleasantries were exchanged. All of us hopped onto the elevator.

smileOn our way down, from the 10th floor, we discovered that the couple had also moved in the neighboring house a few days ago and how they initially thought we were the existing inhabitants. How uncanny it is that when we meet someone for the first time, we all try to estimate them. We try to weave a story around their appearances, their demeanor, even their voice quality (I do that!). All of us make our assumptions on how the person’s life would be, how they reached out to you and whether your liaison with them is long standing or not.

So by the time we had reached the ground floor, we had discovered just about enough to become amiable neighbors and then I popped out the million dollar question “Did you find a house help?” Four of us, exiting from the building lobby let out a huge roar of laughter and the guard could not figure out what hit him.

That was it. I have not met the couple since but I remember their face, the warmth with which they accepted us in a conversation. It is like how we find strangers on a plane and even though we journey together our destinations are different. For them, we were just another couple they rode the elevator with, for us-likewise. But what remained between us stayed there- frozen in time.

Just a smile.

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36 thoughts on “Just A Smile

  1. Smile it is. The beginning of every relationship. Close, not so close or just an acquaintance. It really is worth the little effort it takes to put that smile on.

  2. But you haven’t told us the answer to that million dollar question? 🙂 Did they find it? Have you found it? 🙂 A very important part of the moving process in India. All the best for the new home and may you never have to face the “help” problem 🙂
    A feel-good write up! Keep smiling, always 🙂

  3. Love thy neighbor 🙂 I look for the warmth in a person’s smile too and the smile should reach the eyes, otherwise it is a fake one 🙂 Best of luck for your new place and hope you get a good house-help soon.

  4. One smile can do wonders,it speaks for itself n if you get a good response then it can make your day…so…keep smiling!!!b

  5. You know Kajal reading this reminds me when I moved in to our apartment last year…And both Shobhit and I smiled and tried to initiate conversations with them but they just ran away for some weird reason… Now ofcourse I don’t smile at them, there is only so much that we can do no?

    1. I understand what you are saying Naba…sometimes people are skeptical. But then that should not stop us from spreading cheer anyway…isn’t it?

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. That made me smile 🙂 It is a smile that breaks so many barriers and turns strangers into friends so easily.

    I am glad to read in the comments that you are settled now.

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