Just Do It!!

Warning: Rant Alert

Many of you already know that I have signed up for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014 and I am reviewing some fabulous movies the whole of the month through Movie Massala. I had planned out so many things ahead of time and I knew that I would safely cruise through the challenge and succeed as well. Even before things were getting hot, I had prepared a list of the movies that I wanted to feature and then… something happened. Life!

I always knew that March would be a very busy month for me as I was moving/shifting and I also knew that with admissions for my daughter and house hunting would take a lot of my time. Still, I managed to schedule a few posts and very proudly announced my theme through- The Countdown Begins. I was proud that I would, at least, carry myself through the first week. And then… something else happened. No Internet connection at home for a stretch of one week!

I was feeling immensely stressed out because I was lagging behind on my target. Writing about movies required a lot of research as one would not want to display facts without checking and that was turning me around full circle as well. I was also stressed because signing up for the challenge not only meant that I had to post reviews, it also meant that I had to read and comment on others’ posts. Without an Internet connection and a dwindling performance of my not so smart phone, I was sinking. Plus, house hunting was already taking me places and carrying the laptop along and finding a free Wi-Fi looked like I was stretching already. Phew!!

With me, there is an issue though. If I have signed up for something I would go right through head on and seldom withdraw. Not that the thought never crossed my mind. But I knew that I would sail through. And then… something else happened. I remembered that I had to travel, for at least 10 days this month and that would mean I would be without a connection yet again.

keep-calm-and-just-do-itBut you know what’s the beauty of having a fully packed schedule with multiple hiccups? You get to learn to work around the hindrances and overcome those challenges. Through these days, I have been able to survive through all the issues I have faced. Moved with my lappy to multiple places hunting for a connection, helping improve the daytime revenues of Café Coffee Days and Lavazza Barista. And I am sure, I would be able to do so from here on as well. The only target for me right now is “Just Do It”.

Now, between traveling and finalizing a home and packing/moving, I guess I would be able to complete the challenge as well. What do you think?

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