The Healed Heart

manCoughing up his lungs out, he could feel his intestines twine inside his body. A blob of blood appeared on his palm. He looked at it unbelievably. Immediately he knew, he had to do something about it. He could not be going through this agony anymore.

Right about then, the alarm snapped him out of his dream. He looked at his hands; they were clean. Relieved, he faced the windows to see the first rays of sun seeping through sheer silhouettes. My decision to come to this rehab came well in time, he thought.

He felt his heart begin to heal.

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Linking this to Write Tribe 100 words on Saturday 2014-9


29 thoughts on “The Healed Heart

  1. Yes, his decision came at the right time. Good that he was saved…Wish everyone knew how fatal bad habits can be !

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