Making An Impression

Today I’ll begin by making an impression, yet again. A positive one! I tried yesterday too, somehow it worked in a different way. So today, I’ll try one more time…something different… some new impressions to make… some new lessons to learn… some life to affect in some way.

The last time I remember, I thought, I was simply perfect. I knew I did not have all the answers but I was always confident that I knew where to find the answers. I would scout for solutions at the most distant of places as well, if I had to…and of course, I had books I could consult. And then there were those well meaning associates and co-ordinates I could count on. Their support was more confusing than helping but they were there, if I needed them.


impressionNot that the questions were too daunting. Just simple questions but somehow, everywhere I looked all I saw were question marks. Initially, I was scared of all these question marks but sooner than I would’ve wanted, they overtook my life like an everlasting shadow. In the beginning I hoped it would be momentary and would last for a few months, maybe years. But the questions kept rising. With every new one rising against me, hissing like a giant snake, I would crush it with the best possible answer I would get, look at the defeated question, smirk, feel accomplished and turn around. And there…another one would rise, holding its hood towering over me. One by one, I would smash all the demons and stand on the highest pedestal of self-glory.

Till one day, I decided I did not need to do that any more. These demons would never die, I realized and there was no need for me to prove myself to them. All I ever needed to be was me. Not the best there was around, but the best version of me. That’s when the journey really began!


Now, all I ever worry about is making an impression. The best one I can. The best I can muster. Not because I want to be a winner and win laurels for myself but to be the best me I can be. Because, that’s what really matters. Because tomorrow no one will ask me how much I have accomplished but who I really am. So each day, I wake up with a sole thought to do something new… some new impressions to make… some new lessons to learn… some life to affect in some way.

And that’s what she really needs, doesn’t she?

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34 thoughts on “Making An Impression

  1. In such few words you have written a beautiful piece of Truth. Your Truth. That of touching others’ lives, in some way. Let me tell you, Kajal – from every pleasantly-smiling selfie to your daughter’s dancing video, from updates about phones to posts about movies or self-truths – you do make an impression, and a very nice one. I told you before and I tell you now – you spread cheer! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Sakshi…this is all the encouragement I need…I guess I took “smiling” so seriously and so early on in my life…it’s just too tough to wipe it off now 🙂 And I am glad…

      Thanks so much for such lovely words of appreciation.

  2. Yes. All we should strive to do is to be the best version of us 🙂 Might sound cliche, but we are unique after all. Wonderful way to put it 🙂

  3. nice post. it is never late to be with “me”. and lovely picture Kajal. I read in one of earlier comments that you took it. Compliments! it’s a perfect shot

  4. Excellent work on the picture,Kajal. And you’re right. It’s important to be comfortable with yourself, the way you are. Lovely take.

  5. The mistake we make is continously focusing on our past and all the demons that are sitting there… we can’t do anything about most of them. Just learn the lesson, be a better person and spread that positive thought (which u do brilliantly via the blog itself!) and energy…

  6. Very well written post, Kajal! Your thoughtful post reminded me of that line from Rilke – to live the questions…I guess that’s what we do in the final analysis to get closer and closer to our real selves…

    1. That is right…we keep ourselves occupied most of the times by asking questions which are irrelevant and we keep hunting around for answers all our lives. Its futile, really!

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