The Outdoor Girl

She is an outdoor kind of girl.

1And I? Well, I was raised in a place where expansive meadows with wide playgrounds and light forests to explore, were a routine. Kids like me would hop around the grasslands, climb the trees and survey the wild with intemperance. Holding a lady bird on the tip of our fingers and letting it fly off or following the honey bees to their comb was our way of making a connect with nature. Picking flowers, wild flowers and wild berries home and then counting them to compete with others was a game I cherished the most.

2Well, with all the reckless fun experienced myself, I was unsure how the childhood of my child would be without being one with the nature. The life of a city child mostly is marred with high engrossing video games, indoor zeal and a usual trip to the fun zone at the mall. But I was surprised to discover that my little girl was not the indoor type. She is an outdoor kind of girl. Right from the start. Inquisitive and imaginative.

5Picking tiny shafts of grass and an occasional ant was not something that scared her. In fact, the insects intrigued her. In a bid to be curious there were times we would notice her trying to put those ants in her mouth and we would have to rush to her rescue. The spider webs and trails of the snail slime would enthrall her as much. She would look at the falling leaves from the trees wide mouthed and then hop around to collect them. Carefully stacking them one upon each other and showing them off to us with pride. Always beaming.

4The neighbors’ pets with their wagging tails declaring their admiration, the slow snail by the side of a muddy bed out, creating sand castles in the neighborhood park, for her there’s enchanting worlds everywhere. Planting a seed in the pot and fondly checking every morning to see the sapling grow. Humming to the chirping birds in the balcony or keeping a water bowl for the croaking thirsty crow. When the cow moos from her shed, at her grandparents’, she is sure she’s been called and runs to see if the cow needs water or feed. Running around the fields wildly like the wind, like there is no stopping her.

3She sees magic in everything. Its like how nature extends her platter in front of her for her to chose what she wishes for her fantasies to take flight. And her answer to “what are you waving your finger in the air for” with “making castles in the air” makes me confident that her hands are full of worlds that are already taking shape in her mind and many more yet to discover as she grows. Her imagination, her wisdom, her generosity and her passion gives me a lesson or two to accept what has been offered by nature just as it is. Moreover, because in the rigmarole of everyday life, we often forget to feel the presence of the beauty all around us or feel grateful for it.

In the course of our life, we often forget to stop for a while and smell the flowers. Not her, though. She is an outdoor kind of girl, you see.

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31 thoughts on “The Outdoor Girl

  1. Like mother like daughter. You must be so proud of her that she did pick your love for nature and outdoors! Lovely pics and all the very best for the contest, Kajal 🙂

  2. So incredibly well said, Kajal. And your girl sounds like my girl 🙂 She loves the ‘stop to smell the roses’ routine so much! Blessed are children, for they make us stop and stare at Nature. Such warm and fuzzy pictures too!

  3. Kajal this the most beautiful post ever. Your words and the pictures both were so lovely. I can see her compassion and love for nature and yes she definitely is an outdoor girl! Lots of love to her!

  4. Dhanak has such a beautiful heart, full of love and compassion. Stay blessed and heartening to see her being an outdoor child in an age of net and video games. Beautifully written with words flowing freely. Love ur description.

  5. Loved your post
    Your daughter,is really good inclined towards nature
    Nowadays as children always glued to cartoons and video games
    You have really moulded her…..
    Would love to take tips from you

  6. Awww the third picture melted me. Look at that smile. It shows how much she’s love staying outdoor. I personally believe that children should connect with nature at am early age. Beautiful post and pictures.

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