Because, I Believe

I came to this city around three years back. It was an immensely challenging feat for me; coming over to a place I knew almost nothing about. The city, for me, was an enigma considering that all I ever knew about it was through movies or hearsay. I had a part of my family here but they moved abroad too the same year so I was left with everything new, everything unexplored.

ibelieveThey say a blank canvas is best to start with. You can begin anew. You can paint whatever you like, spread as many colors as you want, shape it into whatever your mind imagines. I agree, it is. But with it comes a whole lot of uncertainty and wariness. Even though I was expecting to explore as much as possible, however, with a 3 year old in tow, I knew, it would not be an easy job. I already had my hands full with managing the change she was facing. But that was not the real challenge. The real challenge was to make sure she grows comfortable with this kind of a set up. Me and her. You know, how challenging that can get?

Anyhow through these years, there’s one thing that I learnt, that stood out from all the other learnings, was- Believe. Believe in yourself; believe in the day, today. Believe that its all for the best and believe that whatever you have on hand today, will not be the same the next day- it will either be a bit more or maybe a tad bit less.

keyIt also made me believe that whatever I do and how ever I try to contour the ways of my life, my choices will land me where they will and I will have to deal with it. Whether I brood or rejoice will again be a choice that I will have to make. For sure, I believe, that if I had not chosen to come here, I would not have rediscovered my latent potential to be the person that I am today. My choices opened up a door to a new belief, that I could be whoever I wish to be. That whatever lay ahead will sculpt my future for me. That each day as it unfolds will rejuvenate me and make me stronger. And it opened the door to a new me.

Today I stand tall, walk with a revamped bounce in my feet, eager to take on what follows from hereon. With a sole belief, that the days to follow will unlock the path to an eventful journey full of surprises, joys, trifles and repair.

Because, I believe.

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Linking this to Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt where the above “lock and key picture” was the picture prompt.

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24 thoughts on “Because, I Believe

  1. That is awesome!! It is so scary to move to a new place and a new city. It is an adjustment. I learned this the hard way when I went to Nashville, Tennessee for college. While I had visited the city many times as a tourist , it was a whole different ball of wax when I became a resident! β™₯ Loved your take on the prompt and the opportunity to know you better through it.

    1. Thanks Kathy. It is indeed a whole new ball game when we move bag and baggage into a new place. i used to visit here often too before, but now I see it differently and am treated differently here πŸ™‚

  2. Glad you took the “leap of faith” so to speak, Kajal. And Kudos to you for emerging out of it not only unscathed, but standing proudly on your two own feet ! Great take on the prompt and another dil-se post as usual πŸ™‚

  3. Loved this post and the positive vibes that it radiates. So glad that you made the city your own. I guess if the attitude is right, every city becomes home.

  4. You are my kind of hero, what a brave thing to do. It takes courage to move to a new place and make it your own, you did that so well. I have moved so many times due to my husband’s transfers, it was fun, it is all in the attitude πŸ™‚ Love yours

  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful. More so because BELIEVE is one of my most favourite words. Yes. Life so far has taught me too to believe in myself, in my actions and in my beliefs. Nothing and nothing can stop us or fail us if we believe in ourselves.

  6. It took a lot of courage to take that step and I’m sure you found resources deep within you to continue to make your time here meaningful, Kajal! As you move on to another phase of your life I wish you all joy and belief! Good luck.

  7. It was the destiny which took you to the city unknown,god took your exam,he wanted to see how strong are you,you passed in flying colours ,you don’t know how proud I m today that my daughter has passed all the hurdles set on her path,somehow there is some share of me also…hahahaa.A bright future is ahead go with full confidence

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