Holding Hands For Life

sandHold hands!’ I screamed at the twins as they approached the water. He carefully took her hand in his and tugged her towards the approaching wave. ‘Don’t let go!’ I screamed again, just to make sure that they stay together. Even at 9 they were still babies for me, especially ever since she was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome.

He had always wondered what made her surface everything in spite of her challenges. ‘She’s the lucky oneI’d told him when they were 5. He’d vowed to protect her always.

Now, looking at them together, enjoying each moment, I simply smiled.

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44 thoughts on “Holding Hands For Life

  1. Aww this is such a sweet story. I learnt about Tourette’s Syndrome very late in life. We had a senior journalist in our office who would suddenly shout out a word while editing copy. I remember feeling very amused. Later when I found out it was a disorder I felt truly ashamed.

  2. Lovely post Kajal. I’ve personally worked with someone who had Tourette’s Syndrome and she was such a sweetheart. I guess we have less tolerance to people with such issues here in India, whereas my experience whilst I was in London was completely different. There the society makes people who are different believe that they can achieve greatness, where as here, even a person with no problems are chastised

  3. That was a very cute story. I never heard of the syndrome. Learned more about it today. Now, when I look back I wonder even if I had it as a child. Only that no one really diagonised.

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