Rainbow Hues Christened

Even though I have already mentioned the purpose behind my blog name in the About page, I still went ahead and took it up as Suzy so very nicely asked on her blog hop.

I started the blog in March last year but I began blogging with Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April 2013. In case you haven’t sign up for the challenge this year in April yet, then do it now. It’s the most fun being part of a Mega Blog Hop! To sign up, click here. Anyway, I digress.

So when I thought of blogging and went to blogger first, it was late in the night when my munchkin was fast asleep by my side and I kept staring at the screen in front of me. The field for ‘Blog Name’ was blank for a long time. My friend R was after my life to begin blogging for almost two years, before I could get around to actually doing it that night. Believe me, I cursed her multiple times at that very moment because I really had no idea what to write about and therefore what to name the blog. You know how confusing this all can get, trying to bracket oneself ?

For my friends, I had been writing about a whole lot of things from relationships to life lessons to movies and generally just about anything that caught my fancy. With that wide a pan, I really had no idea what should be an appropriate name for the blog. I knew that it had to be something that describes ‘all the wonderful things in the world’ and that ‘everything has different shades’ and that ‘a lot of me should be there’.

prof picEver since childhood rainbows have fascinated me completely, they continue to even today. I maintain that it is the most awesome magic The Almighty could have created. So when my daughter was born I knew what to name her- The Rainbow (the Hindi version of the name, though). Since she is the most awesome thing I have ever created, the name had to be magical. And now when the blank field in front of me kept blinking on that screen that night, I gave her a sideways glance, paused at her soft innocent face and I knew what to name the blog- Rainbow Hues. That’s it!!

This looked perfect with all the colors of the world, it sounded perfect because it has that positivity to it and it felt perfect because there is a piece of me and her in the name. That’s how the name of the blog came into being.

What made you come up with the name of your blog? Do share here and if it turns out that you’d want to explain it further in a post, then do participate in Suzy’s blog hop. Its fun!


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Linking this to The Writers’ Post Blog Hop 2014 #4 hosted by Suzy Que.


35 thoughts on “Rainbow Hues Christened

  1. That’s super cool, Kajal. I don’t have a history as such but, yeah, I’ve been pestering my raakhi’s sister to design a website for me. It was during the univ holidays and the time, dad passed away. My first post was on Mumbai, I remember, and a class mate commented. I was writing for myself during six years and only in 2013, I visited other blogs and people got to know me:)

  2. Hey Kajal, i am tech blogger so most of the time i interact with tech bloggers but now i love to connect with some pleasant bloggers like you now. Your blog name is so cool rainbowhues wish you a great success for your blog. I also start a new blog on pets called http://mypetluv.com/.

  3. I find rainbows magical too. You’re right..it’s truly one of God’s most amazing creations. A wonderful name for a wonderful blog.

  4. Hi Kajal, I love rainbows too and therefore I liked your blog name very much. I did not know the meaning of your daughter’s name. Now, I do 🙂 Have a magical and colorful blog journey.

  5. Wow!! That’s simply beautiful. Loved the story behind your blog name!! I was not aware of this BlogHop at Suzie’s blog. Will write my story too! 🙂

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