Only You

‘And… does he love you?’

‘He does!’

‘…and the issue is?’ Jenna was as calm as the spring breeze looking deep into Misha’s eyes. Misha’s constantly wavering glance, her restless demeanor was unable to daunt Jenna’s resolute stature. Jenna was so sure she could put an end to the long due silence that had drawn a silent creek between the two of them.

‘You don’t understand’ Misha finally said.

‘Yes… I don’t. And maybe that’s the reason I’ve been holding on to you for so long. For years I have been here, with you, around you, to make sure that you stay afloat.’ Jenna’s steely eyes made Misha regret what she had just thoughtlessly uttered.

‘I am sorry, Jenna. This has been a tough time for me. And all I really want is for you to be happy.’ Misha held her hand in hers and tried to comfort Jenna.

‘I am happy if you are happy, Misha, and I guess you know that. For years all I have ever done has been for you. All that I have ever been is to be able to make it easy for you.’  Jenna got up and walked over to the open window. The flowers had just begun to bloom, the air was whiff with fragrance, the sun was softly peeping through the tree branches and in spite of all the beauty around, Jenna’s heart felt in stark contrast. She ached for herself, for Misha.

By this time Misha was sobbing quietly, as if letting out the pain slowly from her heart, her body. The anguish in her eyes was killing Jenna beyond her tolerance, but she knew she had to stay strong for Misha. This was the time, she could have benefitted the most, but for Misha’s sake, she knew she had to keep a brave front and help her overcome this challenge.

‘I guess, you must be strong about this,’ finally Jenna said. ‘This could be just a minor drift. I am sure, once you sort it out with him, he’d understand. You must keep all lines of communication open. Talk it out with him.’ Jenna suggested in the most appropriate way she knew she could.

‘I think I must.’ Misha agreed. ‘I must give it a chance…I think, just one last time.’

Jenna was not too sure if she sensed conviction in Misha’s voice, but she knew if she wanted to, she could make amends in her marriage.

‘That’s right, Misha, life is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to see the whole picture, then put it together piece by piece!’ Jenna finally said, in all her wisdom.

‘If you say so, then I am sure, it must be right.’ Misha rose from her chair and walked up to Jenna, standing by the window. ‘Life is uncertain, Jenna. One day you are someone you know and the other you become somebody totally different. In spite of how much happiness you tend to search at the most unlikely places, you are always treated with dissuasion. It is that warm comfortable place that one keeps coming back to. That one safe haven that you feel you totally belong to, a place you call home. For me, Jenna, that place is you.’


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Disclaimer: All characters in the above story are fictional and resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.

Linking this to Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 2014-6.

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20 thoughts on “Only You

  1. It’s brilliant, Kajal. Love the way you etched the crisp story and keep the readers’ glued to it. It’s a powerful read on relationships where so many of us go through shit and Misha was lucky to have such a wonderful friend in the journey of life.
    Thumbs up:)

  2. Life can sure show some curves. It is riding out those storms and coming through to the other side that brings us strength and strengthens relationships. Hopefully her relationship will work out and become stronger. Good she has such a lovely friend to help her see that. ♥

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