The Idea Of Beauty


I somehow have always wondered about the quote, which says ‘A thing of beauty is joy forever’. How can that be true, especially when there’s another quote that says, ‘Beauty is skin deep.’

At any point in life, I have realized that beauty really is what emanates from within and is reflected in one’s demeanor. I also believe that a thing of beauty is a joy for everyone, whether it stays forever is another story, whatsoever. Everyone has their own kind of beauty and how they present it is their own perquisite. Judging a person from their exterior is quelling.


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37 thoughts on “The Idea Of Beauty

  1. We just had that discussion this evening with my friends. Our kids were playing, and one of the girls is a good eater. Once she was done, her friend commented (innocently of course) that hey, look your tummy is popping out. The poor girl was in tears. What has the media done to our kids I wonder sometimes.

    1. Aww…really sad…Y’know sometimes my little girl comes up with such things as well and its scary. I do try my best to keep her notions about beauty in check but how much can we really control?

      Thanks for hopping over, Gauri 🙂

  2. Nice post Kajal. A thing of beauty can be inner beauty and that would be a joy forever and for everyone. So true that our perceptions of beauty are so different – as they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    1. What is ugly as per you, Purnendu? The point is the definition for beauty is different for everyone…the same ugly girl maybe a heartthrob for someone else….and the angel face may lose her external beauty sooner than you can count and if she’s evil inside, you won’t stay in love for long! 🙂

      Plus the post is basically to indicate what really can be the idea of beauty…you shared yours and am glad you hopped over to my blog!

      Keep visiting 🙂

  3. A lot of these quotes are contextual. The first is from Keats, as I am sure you know. The fact that the art will live forever, enthralling generations, unlike transient beauty which will die, is the crux of the poem.
    What I loved, however, was juxtapositioning of your quotes, the comparison, the analysis and the conclusion ,all in 100 words. Brilliant!

  4. I believe that beauty is in every body’s life it’s a feeling within it comes out whenever you see or feel the beautiful things n relate it to the last seen or felt,so it’s joy forever.

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