Beautiful Than Before

The pleasant warm sun of the autumn morning seeped through the curtains flying lazily with the breeze. The sun was just about to rise and the first few rays that fell on the on the marble tiled floor, through the window, made her heart smile.

beautifulHer eyes maneuvered and scanned the whole room. The lamp on her side of the bed was lit, the martini glass half filled kept on the table with an olive dancing happily. The soft breeze blew the curtains one more time bringing in a whiff that caused her hair softly on her face. She carefully waved them aside and moved on one side upon her arm. Her legs still twined in the bed sheets; her feet peeking out at the edge of the bed. She closed her eyes just to take in that moment and lazily looked at the other side of the bed and drew the sheets closer to herself.

She slowly sat upright on the rim of the bed, wrapping the sheets carefully around her waist. Turning around she saw him resting peacefully like a child lost in bliss. Was that a smile she noticed on his lips? She smiled just at the thought of the music they made together, still humming the tunes in her head.

She waded her way towards the windows to breathe in the fresh warm air. Sipping the beauty of the rays falling on her face she walked over to look herself in the mirror, just once and she knew she looked most beautiful now, than ever before.

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Linking this to Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 2014-5Β where Shiva Kapoor who blogs at Where The Mind Is Without Fear, gave the prompt ‘She looked most beautiful

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