Adieu UBC- Till We Meet Again!

It’s like one of those days when you know you’re almost home and simply don’t feel like unlocking the door. This month, I have been writing each day for the last 30 days and today when this challenge is drawing to a close, I am having this empty feeling inside- not that from tomorrow I would not have words to pen down. Of course tomorrow is another day and I sure have other things lined up.

Somehow, I seem to be having this strange feeling like something is going to be missing from my life. As if there’s an old memory, which is all fazed in the back of my mind and I can’t seem to remember it quite well. All silhouetted. Usually, by this time my post is ready and scheduled but today, somehow all the thoughts kept coming in random order and I have been unable to string them together.

This month has been a very eventful month, with health issues, school projects for the kiddo, socializing a bit and taking mind off unnecessary bickering- all along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Now that the same is drawing to a close today (at least for this quarter) I simply don’t feel like letting it go. Its like that familiar territory that becomes your warm spot and you simply don’t want to let it go. All this month, every time I would get to writing about something, I would let my hands play freely on the keyboard. Some posts being random musings along the course of the day. Some thoughtless mutterings and some stories I weaved possibly in my dreams. Having said that, I don’t have any complaints at all. It has been a fun ride.

I want to take a moment to credit the support and love extended to me by the fellow bloggers who were participating with me this month- Jairam, Shilpa , Kathy, Michelle, Nabanita, Richa, Suzy Que and Sheethal . They have been great in motivating and cheering through the month. I’d also thank Write Tribe for the immense love and support that the group provides at all times. The continuous inflow of prompts through the month gave us enough fodder for thought. Much appreciated!

Here’s a toast to the challenge that brings me to my toes and my thoughts to work overtime. Till we meet again, Ultimate Blog Challenge…Adieu!


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23 thoughts on “Adieu UBC- Till We Meet Again!

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge!! YAY!! Because of the time difference I still have one more day…and one more post and then I can join your happy dance. Thank you for being there for me throughout the challenge with your kind words and support. It was much more fun doing it together!! ♥

  2. Congratulations Kajal. You did it and that too so well. Your posts were live at sharp 12 am everyday and that’s commitment and dedication. Way to go and enjoyed blogging with you this month! Here’s to many more. Cheers 🙂

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