Where’s The Fairytale?

Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe that there is someone out there, somewhere who aches for you just the same way that you do. That there is someone who fits your yin like yan. Someone who telepathically makes you smile …and cry…with equal ease. Someone whose embrace breaks you into a zillion pieces and you rejoice in the celebration of oneness.

Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe that your lost half-soul is out there looking at you right now and hoping that you would be in their arms instead? Have you ever wondered if the whole world would freeze while you just gaze deeply into their eyes and belong in the moment for all eternity?

run What is it that makes us want to be in unison with them so we can be whole…. complete? So we can finally conclude the symphony that keeps wavering like unowned musical notes in the air. What if we never really get a chance to gather all the music there is and dance to the tunes? Ever!

Has it ever been that you extended your arms to reach out and the length fell just short…the distance of a voice, which remained unheard? How many times have you looked back to say …what if? Now may not be the time. Was it ever, then? If not then …why now? How scary is it to imagine that you may never know them and they may never really know you? And you may never find your voice to call out their name.

Who makes destinies? Who decides that we associate our tiny little joys to the pre-formatted life spread out for us? Who declares the war-cry for us, to win the battle of life? Who wants to go out and conquer the world anyway, while the heart stays empty? Who makes the straight line we are required to balance at and each time we waver we’re whipped on our ankles?

Those voices of the Universe that mumble love notes in our ears and pulls our heartstrings to twine us together, suddenly pulls back the strings so harshly that the pluck seems more painful than a heartbreak. It tastes, smells and feels like heartache. He decides what He does is ultimately for the best. For them. For you. That is the truth that you live with, for all your life. You make peace.

Of course, that is unfair. But who said life was fair anyway? The thing is, it was never meant to be fair? What are we here for then? We wander all our lives to find a home and when we do, we find ourselves misplaced. Maybe the home never belonged to us in the first place. Then, who decides whether we need to migrate away or stay nestled in the comfort which in misplaced already?

Woman Looking at ReflectionDo you still believe in soul mates? Why does it seem like someone is forcing life into an effigy? Why does it sound like drums rolling in the head so loud that your own voice is drowned in the noise? Why does it seem like the better parts of your senses have stopped functioning? Why is there numbness on the surface of your skin that you can’t feel the dewdrops or the rays of the sun?

Have you experienced your soul pull out of your body floating above you -looking down at you… analyzing? Pushing the buttons that you thought never existed. Pointing the flaws that you never saw. Throwing a mirror right in front of you to face yourself. How ugly is the reflection? You hide your face with the same hands that were once joined in prayer. You close your eyes in an attempt to wade the ugly images away. Behind the closed lids lies a reflection you can’t turn away at all. Where is the heart that is supposed to wipe off the pain- the strength that it said it had? Where is the music that is supposed to heal? Where is the magic that once existed in the fairytale?


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19 thoughts on “Where’s The Fairytale?

  1. I do believe in soul mates and I believe I married mine. I don’t think fairy tales exist in the real world. I think we can come close but there is always angst and challenges. That is life. Still we strive for the happily ever after and the fairy tale because that is the dream and the dream and hope make life worth it. Thought provoking post today! ♥

  2. I believe in soul mates. And I have quite a few of them. 🙂

    On a serious note, these are thoughts that I have slipped under the carpet for now. Life just took over and there was no time to think anymore. But like the elders say ,” What ifs” of life are best ignored. 🙂

  3. I don’t believe in soul mates exactly, Kajal, but I do believe that people come in to our lives for various reasons – I even think that the ‘not-so-nice’ kind can help us get back to true selves faster than the really nice ones! 😉

  4. I do believe that we have many soul mates because all our souls are connected. So the chance of missing out on a soul mate connection is pretty low, in fact impossible. They however need not be romantic connections.

    Your soul would never regard you as ugly or point out your flaws, because the soul looks at you at a completely different level and physical manifestations mean very little to your soul and your soul is an ever-loving being of light.

    Can we get the fairy tale – absolutely – but only when our physical vibration matches our soul vibration. Achievable but incredibly difficult.

    1. Thanks Suzy, for helping dispel some of the doubts. I agree, we do have more than one soul mates and they don’t necessarily be romantic connections…I have that, I have felt that 🙂

  5. Yes, we do connect with some people in a very different way and that’s truly an Aha! experience. Fairy tales… well, I guess they are just fairy tales!
    Thought provoking post, Kajal ♥

  6. I do believe in soul mates…. the people who we feel are just send down for us at the right one. And fairytales do exist in my opinion, maybe not the “forever happy” one but still the “happy moments” we get in between the chaos are definitely fairytale moments.

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