The Artiste

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ Ilyana questioned.

‘Yes, of course! If I don’t do this now, I will never get this opportunity again.’ Shannon’s hopeful eyes shone like a baby’s dreamy eyes before it begins taking her very first step. She was almost ready for the leap.

‘You have not fully recovered, Shannon. Plus you have not even practiced for almost 6 months now, ever since your accident.’ Ilyana counseled.

‘It does not matter, Ilyana. I need to do this! Just understand that I may never get this chance again and I must give it, at least, a try. I simply want to know if you are with me….’ She looked at Ilyana expectantly. Ilyana nodded.


‘Next audition? No. 0112,’ the production assistance shouted aloud in the room that was filled with the waiting artistes. Among the murmurs in the room, the assistant’s voice did not reach too far. ‘Next audition? Shannon!!’ He shouted again. Ilyana jumped from among the crowd to assure him that Shannon was around. ‘Okay get her on the stage.’ he said nonchalantly and walked back in the auditorium.

dance1The music began. The lights were dim. The spotlight shone on the petite figure with restless feet ready to fly. Shannon spread her arms wide and with a lunge moved forward and the rest was poetry.  Applause from the 10 odd audiences made her realize she had brought it home. And then the lights came up. Suddenly the applause ceased and silent gasps replaced the music. Murmurs filled the sparsely occupied room.

The director stood from her seat and came closer to the stage and looked up at ‘the artiste’.

‘Where did you learn to dance like that?’ The director, Carrie, asked her unbelievingly.

‘I have been dancing my whole life before I met with an accident.’ Shannon responded with confidence.

‘Do you think you can pull off the role in the play?’ Carrie asked.

‘Most certainly.’ Shannon smiled, the twinkle in her eye intact.

‘But her legs…’ the assistant interrupted.

‘…the decision is made. Shannon will play the role.’ Carrie responded crisply.

dance2Tears rolled down Shannon’s face as Ilyana walked up on the stage by her side. She looked proudly at her friend and hugged her. Shannon could barely believe that she had been chosen. The friends walked away from the stage when Carrie called out, ‘Shannon, you better take care of yourself. We’ll need you back in 3 weeks. You’ll also need new prosthesis for yourself so meet me at the office tomorrow morning for the sponsorship.’

Shannon looked back at her and smiled. Carrie smiled back. ‘Thank you very much, Carrie’ Shannon said.

‘Not at all, Shannon. You have an inborn talent and we cannot let that go. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. I can see that you will scale new heights’. Carrie’s assurance in her gave Shannon a new confidence. The artiste in her won over her frailty.


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Linking this to Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 2014-4

Disclaimer: This fictional story is a figment of my imagination and does not bear resemblance to any person living or dead, whatsoever.

Also, linking this to Ultimate Blog Challenge– January 2014

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25 thoughts on “The Artiste

  1. Kajal this was such a beautiful take on the prompt! Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you really believe and take life in your stride with a ‘Do-it’ attitude! Loved this!

  2. This story was beautiful filled with promise, hope, and all things good. It is a dream come true and brings tears to my eye. Brilliant story with so much emotion. WOW! ♥

  3. Last week there wasa girl on India got talent,she lost her leg in accident,she danced on one leg it was awesome to watch her dancing ,when a person decide to fight ,god help them.

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