A Blessing In Disguise

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She gave herself one last look in the mirror. Pristine white. She always wanted to look as perfect as she was seeing herself in her reflection. She carefully placed her veil in place and set out in the waiting car that her brother had fixed just a few days ago so she could comfortably be taken to the Chapel for her wedding.

It was like Chelsea was waiting for this moment. Carlson had been more than perfect for her. He was the quintessential debonair with charming features and an equally charming attitude. There were times Chelsea would doubt herself if she was right enough for him. He seemed to be perfect in all the ways and she was living in the shadows of her own surrenders. Chelsea was on top of the world when finally after seven years, Carlson proposed to her, in the most perfect way that she could have dreamed. Completely oblivious to the lazy conversation thrown at her by her brother, Mike, she let her mind wander off to her own little dreamland. Today was her day and she had chosen to live the dream.

brideAll the previous memories seemed surreal now, as she walked her memory past all the years she had spent with Carlson. The constant smile never leaving her lips even for once. It was like somewhere she was hearing melodious romantic ballads in the distance and her body light as a feather floating in the soft summer breeze. It was like the perfect day, the mild sun shining brightly sieving splendid shapes to match her emotions. She winked her eye towards the sun peering through the leaves as she looked out of the window and then thud.

‘What is it, Mike?’ she called out to her brother who was already on his way out to check.

‘Gah! The tyre couldn’t have chosen a better time to get punctured.’ he called out looking at the flat tyre.

‘No worries, lets fix it!’ Chelsea was so certain nothing could go wrong today. She knew it was destiny that brought her and Carlson together and if this had happened then destiny definitely had a part to play in it.

Mike smiled back at her, suggested her to step on the sidewalk while he got busy readying the car back in shape. Once done, Mike and Chelsea got back in the car. They knew it was a bit late. Considering that Mike was not dressed to manage the mechanical work and had to save his tuxedo from ruining, he possibly let a few extra minutes go by. Chelsea was in no hurry because she knew Carlson would wait.

bride1Back at the Chapel, the guests were waiting for the bride to be to reach. They were all quite relieved to see the car approaching, though. Mike showed the way to Chelsea towards the room from where she was to enter the church with their dad. Chelsea rushed, smiling, knowing fully well how nervous her father becomes in such situations. Even during the rehearsals he were unable to match her steps while walking down the aisle. She secretly prayed today that he would not falter. Carefully she entered the room, softly calling out her dad. She heard a scuffle at a corner and smiled thinking her dad was hiding from the public appearance.

She called out, ‘Dad!’ as she shoved the partition aside and stood in shock to see Carlson hastily zipping his pants, while Tina lay scuffling to gather her dress towards her chest.

‘Arggh!! Carlson, guess you simply could not wait, could you?’ Chelsea flung her veil towards him and huffed out of the room, weeping.


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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Disclaimer: This fictional story is a figment of my imagination and does not bear resemblance to any person living or dead, whatsoever.

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30 thoughts on “A Blessing In Disguise

  1. That awful man!! What a twist! I just want to beat him to a pulp in her behalf. What a great story. I sure wasn’t expecting that ending thought. I went to a wedding once where something similar happened. Only the bride caught the groom having sex with a bridesmaid in a car at the reception. Lots of tears and yelling at that reception. Their marriage lasted 3-4 years before they finally divorced. Great story Kajal! I am dying to know what happened next! If he tried to make amends with his pants around his ankles…the cad! LOL

    1. Its a sad thing to happen to someone who’s completely in love. I mean, someone who’s weaved so many dreams hooked on with their partners and then this happens. Sad…heartbreaks are sad 😦

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