Paying A Compliment

Today is a special day. January 24. Yeah, Yeah…Jai Ho releases today. But then, there’s another reason why this day is special. Today is National Compliment Day.

This day is set aside to compliment at least five people. Not only are compliments appreciated by the receiver, they lift the spirit of the giver. Compliments provide a quick and easy way to connect positively with those you come in contact with. Giving compliments forges bonds, dispels loneliness and just plain feels good. (Source here)

Paying a compliment to someone is like a verbal sunshine. It must be given with a genuine intent and must be accepted graciously. A few days ago, I had a post on my blog which spoke about this particular element. Check here.(Happiness Is An Inside Job)

For the National Compliment Day, I decided to choose 5 people, fellow bloggers, I appreciate and would like to pay a compliment to them.


Shilpa Garg. She is the person who likes to call a spade a spade. She is the most non-complex of persons and simplicity is her second name. She likes to keep things in perfect order and her writing is crisp and absolutely clear. I like the way she covers varied topics and includes stories, spine poetry, meme, drabble…almost everything in her writing. The best that I like about her is how she likes to keep her commitments. Whatever be the scenario if she has committed to write, she will come up with something…anything and it will still turn out perfect. Also, if she knows she cannot deliver, she will not commit, in the first place.

Shilpa blogs at and calls her blog ‘A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose’. See did’nt I tell you…crystal clear.

Vidya Sury. Vidya loves to love and that’s her best quality. Her writing is so open hearted that anyone can connect with it. It’s like a message that touches a chord with everyone. She covers life’s simple little pleasures and brings them so beautifully that they become special. Her conversations with her mother on her blog are sometimes emotional, sometimes practical but almost every time involving the reader completely. She is an active participant in all the activities we have over at Write Tribe and comes up with distinct (read cute) ways to involve all the members over at the Write Tribe FB group. Somehow, she manages to draw a smile even from the gloomiest of the days.

Vidya blogs at and calls her blog Going A-Musing. Her other blogs are Coffee With Mi at and Your Medical Guide at where she provides us with information about health and living.

Richa Agarwal. Richa is a story spinner and comes up with fiction like she’s having breakfast. Her writing is fresh and unassuming. She never fails to involve her readers in her stories. Even if you read a story from the middle somewhere, you are forced to check the beginning because you simply can’t do without it. She loves challenges and we’ve seen her do so well in all the challenges she has taken. And with every challenge, she comes up with a new story, completely varied from her last. She has already penned 2 novellas (which you can grab on her blog) and presently she keeps her readers engrossed in a story that’s a murder mystery. Her words are measured and calculated but her writing comes straight from the heart.

She blogs at and calls her blog ‘The Philospher’s Stone’. Notice how a ‘o’ is missing? That’s Richa…she has to come up with something different…all the time.

Suzy Que.  Suzy is like that calm serene lake- you can never judge the depth from the surface. You must read her blogs to be able to understand the diverse topics she covers and brings depth to them. She is a wise person and always brings something to ponder about. If you are upset, angry or frustrated you must go to her blog. I bet you will always come out smiling. She restores our faith in all the goodness in this world. But that does not necessarily mean she sugarcoats facts. No, that’s not how Suzy is! She likes to keep it to the point and if she does not agree with you, she will tell you so. Her honesty, her simplicity, the goodness of her heart is so evident from what she writes-prose or poetry. And that smile. It’s like peace!

Suzy blogs at (Someday Somehere), (Reflections Of My Soul) and (Photos Are Fun)

Sid Balachandran. Now here’s a man who does not pretend that everything is picture perfect in the man’s world (or the woman’s). He comes up with so many topics that you can smile, nod and say ‘yeah, that’s about right.’ Sid’s writing brings humor, fiction, opinions, book reviews and his Daddy journals. Sid has a way with words. He conjures up stories that make you think, contemplate, smile sometimes probably in a single sentence altogether. His story Summer and Me took my heart away and will stay as one of my favorites. He has also just recently concluded a novella (Harry’s Hut), which you can source from the blog itself. I find Sid’s writing very refreshing and if you plan to visit his blog once, I bet you’d want to read more.

Sid blogs at and proudly announces that ‘I Wrote Those’. No doubt sir, we can’t be expecting any less, either.


I am required to compliment 5 (simply to commemorate the day) but I would still like to mention a few others who have been inspiring for me- Kalpana  ( at Gemini In The Sky, Apoorva ( ) at Where The Mind Is Without Fear,  Aditi ( ) at Life is a Journey…makeitbeaYOUtiful , Jairam ( at Mahabore’s Mumblings, Pixie ( at My Take On Everything  and Corinne ( at Everyday Gyaan  who brings us all together.

Thanks to everyone, who has contributed to involve me in this small little (or pretty vast, actually) world of blogging. I think you guys, simply rock!


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29 thoughts on “Paying A Compliment

  1. First up Kajal, that’s quite a nice gesture from you to actually take the time out and pay compliments to some of the bloggers that you enjoy the most.

    Secondly, thanks a lot for putting my name up there. This truly is distinguished company that I am in and the fact that I find a place there with such wonderful bloggers just shows how much you enjoy my posts, and that I truly appreciate.

  2. Aww sweetheart hugs!! This is indeed a beautiful gesture to compliment your fellow gestures…blogosphere is yet another family esp all of you at write tribers, it’s a special bond W share! So glad to have connected with you here…smiles 🙂 🙂

  3. Kajal, you’ve just made my day, week, month and year. Thank you so much. It really means a lot and I really appreciate the gesture. How about a free header design :P?
    Really Kajal, thank you so much for your kind words.! For the first time, I’m actually speechless !

    1. Thanks for everything Corinne. Like always, I maintain that had it not been for you, I would’nt have continued after A to Z challenge in April 2013.

      So thanks for being the inspiration that you are, not just for me but for so many others 🙂 Hugs!

  4. A compliment is verbal sunshine. and I am basking in the rays of compliment.Thank you so much Kajal. and I am in august company with all those who have been richly and rightly deserved your compliments.
    As you rightly said , a compliment must be genuine and from the heart.
    Thanks for making my day more bright.

  5. Thanks Kajal for your very kind words. Aww that’s so sweet. Such a nice gesture Kajal and I agree with your descriptions of Shilpa, Sid, Vidya and Richa.

  6. This is crazily sweet Kajal! I mean I am kind of floored, seriously. It brought the widest smile on my face. And well darling the feeling is mutual. Believe me if you guys are not around, I cannot do it. It is when I see you people promptly giving feedback, getting engaged that it brightens my day.

    Thank you sooo much!


  7. Awwww Kajal, you made my day, week, month and year, just like Sid! 🙂 That’s so sweet of you, I am touched and honored to be featured here. I am so glad that we met here in blogosphere and so keenly looking forward to meet you in the real world too. Thank you for adding more smiles this side. Cheers 🙂

    1. They sure are…and so are you Sheethal! I will behave better and keep coming to your blog more often 😛

      You’re lovely and thanks for taking time out to read through so many of my posts today 😀

  8. Kajal, I don’t know how I missed this post. All I can say is, I am willing and ready to be forgiven! Thank you for such a lovely mention! Hugs. I am happy that I know all the people I am sharing your space with.

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