The Fiery Kite

I heard, I felt and I fell in love with it. The song.

Released early this month, I have been listening to this one daily…at least three times in a day (sometimes even more!) You know how some songs seem like they define you. They seem to have some connect with your life as if they were conceptualized only for you. This one defines me!

Submission. What does this word mean to you? To me it means to be able to devote oneself to the purpose of life. To completely give oneself away to themself and merge into The One. To yield to a force that holds you together and shows you the way. Love!

Here I interpret the song in my own way. It may not be the literal meaning of the words but this is how I feel it. Hope you like:

Mitthe paan di gilauri, lathha suit da Lahori,

Fatte maardi billori, Jugni mel mel ke, kood faand ke,

Chakk chakaute jaave..

Just like the sweetness of betel leaf, just like the flowing cloth

I run like a kitten, like a firefly…all around

Maula tera maali, O hariyaali jungle waali,

Tu de har gaali pe taali, uski kadam kadam rakhwaali,

Ainweyi lok-laaj ki soojh soch ki kyun hai aafat daali

Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka Ali Ali Ali Ali

Almighty is my gardener, I am a wildflower

I rejoice in the times of worry too

Almighty is my savior,

Why do I have to care what the world says or thinks about me

I only praise the Lord…

Sharf khuda ka, zarf khuda ka, Ali Ali Ali Ali

Ali ho, Ali ho, Chali o re chali, chali, chali

Ali Ali, teri gali, wo to chali, Ali Ali, teri gali, chali o..

To the greatness of the Lord,

To the fulfillment of the Lord

I enter the lanes where the Lord resides

O Jugni O, patakha guddi O,

Nashe mein ud jaaye re haaye re, sajje khabbe dhabbe killi ho,

I’m a firefly, I’m a fiery kite

I move about in the skies,

All over the place, lonely but intoxicated in love

Maine to tere tere utte chhaddiyaan doreyaan,

I have left my strings in your hands, Lord… I am in submission

surrender to a beautiful God

Tu to paak rab da baanka bachha, raj dulara tu hi,

Paak rab da baanka bachha, uska pyaara tu hi

Maalik ne jo chinta di toh, door karega wohi

I’m a fearless child, a dear child of the Lord

I’m His beloved

The worries given by Him, will be taken away by Him only

Naam Ali ka le ke tu to, naach le gali gali

Le naam Ali Ali, Ali ho, Ali ho, tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka,

Ali Ali Ali Ali

Chanting name of Lord, I dance in streets,

Just saying the name of my Lord

I praise Him

Jugni rukh pittal da hoi, jisnu pooje ta har koi, 

Jisdi fasal kisi na boyi, ghar bhi rakh sake na koi..

I am a firefly- worshiped like an idol

Yet I am not a seeded plant and no one owns me

Rasta naap rahi marjaani, patthi baarish da hai paani,

Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani, jugni maili si ho jaani..

I’m a vagabond, like rainwater I flow

Exposed to the worldly ways, I loose my charm

Tu le naam rab da Ali Ali, khal khaleran chali,

Naam rab da Ali Ali, har dar waasan Ali,

Chanting the name of Lord, I move to the barren land,

For the name of the Lord is all around us

Saayin re… Sai Re..

Maine to tere tere, utte chhaddiyan doriyaan..

Lord, I have left my strings in your hands… I am in submission


The song is from the movie ‘Highway’ which is scheduled for release in February 2014. To know more about the movie please check Movie Preview: Highway


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Discliamer: The post does not promote any religion or faith and is not intended for any purpose other than creative expression. For me my faith is Love and the Supreme Being is the one who resides within


21 thoughts on “The Fiery Kite

  1. Hadn’t heard this. I’m a bit wary of Punjabi lyrics because I don’t understand much of them and lyrics do matter to me a lot. But this sounds lovely. Thanks for the translation.

  2. Kajal thank you for such a lovely translation… To merge with the One…beautiful interpretation!! And here’s wishing a very very happy birthday! Keep smiling and flying high like the fiery kite!

    1. Thanks Richa! I am looking forward to this one myself!

      Thanks also for the sharing what submission means to you…I guess, if one reaches that stage then that’s the penultimate of emotions…nothing beyond that!

  3. Oh beautifully explained, Kajal! Thank you for this. I am in love with this too. Have been listening to it in loop. My fav lines are:

    Jugni rukh pittal da hoi, jisnu pooje ta har koi,
    Jisdi fasal kisi na boyi, ghar bhi rakh sake na koi..

    A goodie good post!

    1. Thanks Naina…when I read your status on FB today, I knew you’d like this….

      I am in love with this one and so looking forward to the movie too.

      I can’t say which line is the best for me in this one, since I love the whole thing..

      But yeah…what defines this song for me is ‘maine tere utte chadiyaan doriyaan’ 🙂


  4. Few lines in the male version which I just loved –

    kaanch kanwaari.. sharm utaari
    Chaar pe bhaari laage
    Hoke tez katari.. aage chali chali

    kaanch kanwaari.. sharm utaari
    Chaar pe bhaari lage
    Jaaye bhaad mein duniya daari
    Woh toh chali chali chali
    Ali o… Ali Ali Ali Ali

    Yeah, I listen to it daily too. Some of it I already am. Some I would like to be 🙂

    1. Wow…thanks for sharing this Roshni!

      i am totally in love with this song and it just so defines me and what I aspire to be… (just like you!)

      It was a pleasant surprise to see you on this post from my birth date.

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