Once In A Lifetime!

I am usually mature about things (stop smirking, will ya!) but when it comes to Salman Khan I become a star struck child. I am totally unaffected by all the brickbats people shower on him and I usually find myself dreaming of the time, when at least once in my lifetime, I would be face to face with him (someday…sigh!).

Anyway, it was a friend who sent me an invite of a promotional event that was staged for the promotion of Salman’s upcoming movie Jai Ho here in Mumbai. Initially, I was a bit skeptical since I always avoid crowded places. Also, with a little child it becomes tough handling them in gatherings like these. Nevertheless, I was unsure how soon it would be when I would get a chance to at least get a glimpse of him live, again. After all, I have been dreaming to see him live since I was fifteen years old. I guess, with regards to him, I never grew up!

So with the little one in tow, I made my way to the venue where the event was scheduled. Even though I was well past the event time, I thought it was still worth a shot. So there I was among the college going crowd fighting their way to get the best view of the stage. In spite of trying real hard I could only get as close as 20 feet from the stage and that too on the corner. I placed the little one at a deck where the speakers were placed so she would have a better view. Also I wanted at least one decent picture of the actor on stage and she promised to help.

We kept waiting for almost 2 hours and then the little one’s patience waned away. She descended from where I had perched her and refused to go back. Her place was quickly occupied by another child who refused to budge, as well. There went my only chance to have a clear picture, but I did not give way. In fact, all this time even I felt it was completely unworthy to just stand there amidst the college crowd, wriggling their bodies to find that perfect spot from where they can have a better view.

But before my patience completely ran out, we heard a roar and there he was on the stage. I jumped on my  feet…no view. A huge push from the back did not help me move any further, either. Plus I was holding on to the little one so she does not get pushed. My phone in one hand, I waved to a youngster to help me get a click that he, with great difficulty, managed somehow. The results were not too great, but somehow, it turned out as a memory I am going to cherish forever.


Once the picture was done, I moved out from the crowd towards the parking and placed the little one on top of the boot of the car while I stood on the foot of the car door to pump myself up a bit. There! I had the first and only view of the superstar I had been longing for almost half of my life!


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Salman Khan’s Jai Ho releases on January 24, 2014. And in case you want to know what we can hope from the movie, please hop on to Movie Preview: Jai Ho.

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16 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime!

  1. Lucky u, Kajal. I’m sure it was a super awesome experience and I feel I should blog bout my experience with the Big B once in Mauritius. It’s awesome to be among the college crowd:)

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