Those School Days

Today, I am short of time so I am going to take on a meme to bail me out.

This one’s special since it mentions a few points about my school days. I am sure each one of us cherish our school days and there’s hardly anyone who does not have at least one fond memory of our times.


So here are a few things I want to share about my school days.Β 

  • Did you enjoy school? Absolutely

  • What kind of student were you? I was studious till 6th grade and then something just bit me

  • What would you do for fun? I remember bunking my class for the first time when I was in 9th grade…that was fun

  • How would your classmates remember you? They still remember me as a live wire!

  • Are you still friends with anyone from that time in your life? A whole bunch…still meet a few of them

  • What are your best memories of grade school/high school/college/graduate school? Worst memories?The best memories are the ones spent with the group of guys I used to hang around with and the worst was a fight with Β my closest friend in school when I hurled a shoe at him and he threw it on the roof of our class. Ha! That was ugly…but the beauty is we are still friends, we meet and we bond just fine πŸ™‚

  • Was there a teacher or teachers who had a particularly strong influence on your life? Tell me about them. I can never forget Sr. Francis who was my Moral Science teacher in 5th grade and whatever she taught me lives with me till date. I can never forget some of the things she used to say especially about self-discovery. I think there must be a post dedicated to her soon.

  • Do you have any favorite stories from school? Yes, one story which most of my friends associate me with. There was this guy on who’s behest I had sprayed the ink of my fountain pen on my Geography teacher when I was in Grade 9. I was so gullible then, I think! It was a mean gesture but what followed was a whole lot of introspection and my pride bit me in my hiney. I learnt a lot about myself from that experience and never did such a thing as to discount someone on the behest of another person. Even if it was for ‘fun!’

There! I bared it all (almost). Sharing here a picture I could dig out from my school days. Can you find me in this picture? This is from 8th Grade.


What are some of your favorite stories from school I would love to hear some from you.


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Linking this toΒ Ultimate Blog Challenge– January 2014

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14 thoughts on “Those School Days

  1. Aww!! Brought back my school memories too! I so want to take this tag up!
    Enjoyed reading about your childhood
    Are you the one behind the teacher?

  2. I couldn’t figure you out in the pic, but you definitely were one fun person to be with. I think if I would ever go back to school, I would want to do all of that. Hurling a shoe at your friend, spraying ink at you Geography teacher…that definitely must have been fun! I loved them all. πŸ˜€

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