Looking For Answers

So guess, this is going to be one of those gloomy ones too. Did not want a continuation from yesterday’s post but I can barely help myself.

I have been living without a connection for the last two days, Internet connectivity, I mean. Seemingly, beyond that there’s not much of a life I have. Had it been a workday I would not have noticed much of a void. Since yesterday was a work leave, I was kind of lost without being able to connect with anyone through my blog. Also, did not get to read any blog posts as well. To top it all, I have been keeping unwell too, for the last couple of days.

Okay, now this is turning out to be a ‘dear diary’ kind of post, so let me deviate a bit.


Through these days (illness and isolation) I rewrote some of the things I had begun the year with. The word for the year, this year, is ‘Relationships’. When I contemplated relationships, I thought of how I would strengthen my relationship with the people around me and revisit the ones who have been hovering close to my circle of trust as well. All this time, I had not considered the relationships, which possibly require being unloaded.

How often have you considered giving a second thought to a relationship that does not bring any growth to you as a person? Yesterday was my day of considering this! You know, some of those people who have been so close to you that they probably know you better than any of the other close associates, but then they cease to contribute to your thoughts, emotions and aspirations. How difficult is it to pull yourself from a connect like that?

Sometimes, relationships are so complex that beyond a point you stop contemplating their effect on your mind, emotions. They become an everyday feature and they terminate to influence your thoughts in a positive way. You become immune to the fact that they are indeed not bringing any value to your life and living. How does one draw oneself from that vortex?


It is often times agreed that one should get away from negativity as quick as possible so that it does not soak in the happy spot that already keeps playing hide and seek in your life. The point is….how long does it have to be for someone to realize that a relationship is indeed bringing negativity in your life?

These kinds of questions have been playing on my mind lately and of course, I don’t have any answers yet.

What do you think?

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24 thoughts on “Looking For Answers

  1. Those kind of questions take a lot of thought. It is kind of hard to cut the cord, but once I have I have found that I was happier and I really didn’t miss those people that weren’t contributing to my life anyway. I hope you feel better and that your internet gets back on track. ♥

  2. Very deep question…and not a real easy one to answer. It’s one I’ve struggled over myself. Sometimes the easiest and least painful way of dealing with a relationship of the kind you’re talking about in your post is to change the dynamics of it. Maybe by spending less time with certain people and changing your expectations of them you can still maintain somewhat of a relationship on a level which is appropriate with that person. Of course, if the relationship is actually harmful in some way it’s always best to let it go.

  3. One of the most important thing I did last year was give up on friendships with people who were fair weather friends.. I always used to worry about them, look to keep in touch and make an extra effort … a sort of puppy dog attitude to please all.
    It took awhile to realise I was just draining myself for people who sincerely could not be damned if I was alive or well..
    Focus on those who care for u and would cherish your presence in their lives. Trust me, it will be a very exhilarating feeling,

  4. Its so hard to cut off such people.. sigh!
    Complicated relationships and me – we are tight friends! I wish we weren’t . I wish I didn’t have such friends sometimes.. but I do. Ive cut off with a few.. but a few still persist..

  5. I believe the two people in any relationship are the first ones to know of the negative vibes. And if I were you I would have politely withdrawn myself from the relationship. Such relationships definitely take over all our happiness, time and energy. But I admit that it hurts. It sure does.

  6. It’s a tricky question, Kajal, and relationships are quite tricky. There have been times when I had to exit just stayed for the sake of being in a relationship. One need a big heart to get out of a relationship, I feel. But, if a relation is hurting you, make sure you take plunge, though it will hurt.

  7. First I read Richa’s post on fb, then Hema’s post on she recently filtered out her fb and now this Kajal! The universe is giving me all signs to de-clutter the negative people in my life. Kajal I think this is a very imp ques and as you grow as a person, you want your relationships to grow alongside too…if that isn’t happening… If there is lack of understanding and all tour efforts and energy have gone wasted in their negative energy, it is time ti quit!

  8. I believe it is best to let go of relationships that pull you down or dont add value to your being! Easier said than done, but when it is done, it leaves you with a lot of inner peace.

  9. Lovely to have you back Kajal. And as for “decluttering your life”. Indeed, who needs fair weather friends. I’ve had it really bad too. People who I’ve bend over backwards for did not even so much as give me a look when I needed help badly. Just focus on the important people in your life. And on a more positive note, the fact that we’re still friends on FB, gives me hope that I wont be de-cluttered …atleast not yet 😀

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