Interpreting Whales

I have been having similar dreams for the last 3 days…err nights. So you might ask me what’s so special about it. I mean, people often get similar kinds of dreams and there should not be anything about it to have found its way here, right?

Actually, the dreams these three times have seen an improvement over the days. The first day was more like a nightmare. I woke up somewhat disturbed at 3 am and could not go back to sleep for about an hour. The brilliant thing is that even though the dream was horrific, I found myself singing a romantic ballad when I woke up. Now if you’d know me, you’d know how normal it is for me to make conflicting statements. But really, when I woke up I was humming this brilliant number and I backtracked as to why I woke up at a godforsaken hour and deduced that it was because of this nightmare. Let me just round it up that the dream involved murder.


The second day was somewhat mixed. Initially it was pleasant, subsequently it turned violent and then later in the dream, I managed to control the situation. So some progress there! The third day, that is last night, was amazingly beautiful. It involved sea, sunrise and blue. Not the sky blue, emerald blue or royal blue…. shiny peacock blue! Even though there was no sequential link between all the dreams there was one thing that was common- Whales!

So today morning, while going to work, I studied a bit on interpreting dreams involving whales. Seemingly, there is more than one interpretation that one can infer. According to, … whales are a symbol of strength, spirituality and protection although they have also been interpreted as a sign of our darkness and the possibility of experiencing a loss in our lives.

On the website there were other things mentioned as well

  • associated with peace, serenity, spirituality and tranquility

  • that everything is or will be o.k.

  • related to spiritual matters of the mind and heart

  • the feeling of a loving mother who protects her child

  • deep feelings and close emotional connections

  • represent power, leadership and strength

  • symbolize that you can accomplish your goals and have the strength and intuition to overcome the obstacles in your life

  • a sign of protection and a signal that you need to relax and stop worrying

  • they can be seen as our own personal underworld and are viewed as the things we don’t want others to know or as a hidden darkness within us

Along with this, there is another interpretation given :

It can also mean a loss of domestic peace and happiness in one’s home, a loss of an important friendship/ relationship or an overwhelming situation that you believe is too big to resolve.


Considering that the past few days have been rather heavy on my heart and head, I guess, I am thinking too much about this. Though I could not associate the murder in one of the dreams, the attack of one of the whales, further transformed into a docile pet in the second and the release of the whale in the open sea in the final one. Another striking thing is that all three days saw a growth in the size of the whale. Once I read through the interpretations, I could find at least some solace that seemingly the road ahead is not something to dread and I am happy about that.

Another thing I am delighted about it is that all the three times, the whales were unharmed and finally set free in the sea.

What do you think it would mean? Your views will further help me analyze. Do share, please.

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10 thoughts on “Interpreting Whales

  1. I would look at all the positives mentioned and be alert about the negative. Focus on your relationships/friendships and you would have negated the mentioned effect! Take care and GBY 🙂

  2. I don’t know why the word transformation kept coming to mind after reading your post – like something will end, something new begins but is not easy and will need a lot of work. Eventually the new thing will be worthwhile. Good luck Kajal. Keep us posted.

  3. How interesting! I wonder what it all means! You will have to keep us posted as to whether any more whales haunt your dreams. Makes you wonder since you keep seeing them if it is some sort of premonition of some sort! ♥

    1. When it occurred three times in a row I kinda got startled and wondered if it is indeed a premonition. Lets wait and watch. I will let you know if any significant changes happen in life.

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