Days Of The Past


Sometimes, the things that have delighted us in the past are best left untouched. Those memories that have kindled the warmth inside our heart are the ones that must remain safe in the yesterdays.

Every time the memories come wading in and are over analyzed they become adulterated with facts that we begin associating them with. Dreams are equivalent to the passions that we hold dear. Β Overanalyzed, the fantasies that are fascinating no longer remain magic. They become a part of the daily grind. Within the clogs of the gears one can hear the sound of them shatter, break, gnash.

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22 thoughts on “Days Of The Past

  1. I agree. Things in the past need to be left there. It is always better to focus on now and keep moving forward. There is nothing to do about the past. It is done. You can do something about now and the future. β™₯

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