Parenting Tips From A 6 Year Old

I have loved this movie (Taare Zameen Par) for a long-long time. Why…has been explained here [Link to the post]. Today while T.V. surfing I chanced upon a channel which was playing this one and so we decided to watch it. It is one of those movies that engrosses you and involves you. So eventually, you turn out to be not just an audience but also a participant in the story.

pLittle Miss 6 is at an age where she clearly understands and comprehends emotions. (You have no idea, how proud I am of this fact!) Anyway, so today she saw this movie for the first time (previously when she was 7 months old!!) and so it got her involved just like it is meant to. Along with Ishan (the main protagonist) she was smiling, brooding, crying and laughing. Sitting close to her, I could feel each of her expressions change along with the screenplay.

Sometimes, I guess, we underestimate our children quite a bit and quite possibly that hinders their growth as well. Lately I have realized that the way I understood parenting is far more than what I had perceived initially. Sometimes, what she says casually makes a deep impact to me and I am left pondering over it for a long time. There are times when she comes up with reason in a way that is consider worthy but leaves me totally speechless.

p1So in one of the scenes, when Ishan is required to translate a poem in the class, he comes up with an explanation to it from his point of view, much to the disappointment of the teacher. Later another child gives the explanation of the poem as has been taught and the teacher is satisfied with the response. Below is the conversation, between her and me that followed after that:

‘Mama, why is the teacher smiling?’

‘Because he’s happy that the child answered the question correctly.’

‘Was it the correct answer?’


‘So why did Ishan give a different answer?’

‘Maybe that’s what he understood.’

‘I think Ishan gave the right answer and the teacher did not understand it. I understood what he said, I did not understand what the other child said.’ She said as a matter of fact-ly.

Now, it could be statement given on the fly, since the child who gave the response spoke literary Hindi, which obviously she did not understand. But what made me consider was how she likes to keep things simple and not complicate them. What makes adults complicate things? Ironically the poem was about Drishtikon (Perspective) and everyone indeed has a different one. Like how Ishan had a different one, so did Little Miss 6.

p2In another of the scenes, Ishan’s father finds a fake absent note that Ishan has fabricated to seek leave from school and scolds him. That’s when Ishan is scared to even respond to the volley of questions thrown at him. I could sense Little Miss 6 shift in her seat as if she wanted to hold the child and console him. Ishan kept sobbing and her expressions were changing along with it. When the father bashes the boy for not telling him who wrote the note, this is what she made out of it:

‘Why is he beating Ishan? He is so scared how will he talk?’

‘Because his father is asking who wrote the note and he’s not responding.’

‘So he can ask him nicely also, why is he hitting him?’

‘…. but he’s angry!’ (Yes, I am ashamed to be using this as an explanation)

‘So what?!!? He is his father…no? If his parents will not understand him, then how will Ishan learn and become a good boy?’ The simplicity with which she said this brought a lump in my throat.

As I write this, I can feel a tear drop at the corner of my eye, too. Sometimes, we get life lessons from the most unexpected corners.

Plus, I always maintain, she teaches me parenting like no parenting book ever can!


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30 thoughts on “Parenting Tips From A 6 Year Old

  1. Out of the mouths of babes, Kajal. They are so perceptive, it is scary! It is truly the drishtikon that matters…and I have learned to respect every one’s perspective. Beautiful post. I enjoyed that movie with the whole family and we all cried together.

    Blessings to your daughter.

  2. “Plus, I always maintain, she teaches me parenting like no parenting book ever can!”

    You echoed my thoughts there. It is so true that we as adults love to complicate the simplest of life’s various things. Lots of love to the little genius. She’s an intelligent bunch. 🙂

  3. The wisdom of children! As you said, they know how to keep it all simple – a lesson we could all do well to re-learn. Thanks for sharing, Kajal. I hope you’ve got a separate category for the Little Miss’ wisdom! 🙂

  4. Firstly I love this movie. And secondly the beauty of parenting I believe is that one has to think like a child. And perhaps Miss 6’s wisdom is teaching that to us all the time. I adore the fact that you are helping her grow into a wonderful and more important sensitive person. *hugs*


  5. I sooo wanna hug her right now… children are the best teachers we can ever have on anything in life Kajal… awesome post ❤

  6. I loved the post. Lil Miss P is perceptive and there is still a childlike innocence. I was not really going to leave a comment though when I read above “Please leave comments in the form of footprints” I couldn’t help it. I just finished a post on feet and I just couldn’t help noticing these words so blatantly now!!! I must have visited your blog many times before 🙂 G

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