Beyond Dejection

I am a happy person. Yes I am. Well, most of the time. And when I am not, you might want to stay yards away from me. I can sulk…really!

i canSo I had kept an eye on something that I wanted to get. Something I have been wanting not because of its value but because I thought I deserved it. (Well I could hope, right?) Also, because there was an emotional connect to it, somewhere. I had been following it up for quite some time and hoped it would fall in my lap. And then the day came when I discovered that it went to somebody else. Not an unusual situation, you might say. So what does one do when one is thrown in a unforeseen arena?

I, obviously, did not feel sad that someone else lapped it up but I was disheartened because I was not the ‘receiver’. I was dejected.

Dejection. That one word which can cause a multi speckled emotional commotion. Almost like this sentence has actually come out. It causes one to doubt one’s ability and makes one feel like a failure. A failure. Even the sound of it causes one to squirm.

But then, that was it. For a few minutes I kept reveling in the murk, trying to understand (analyze, if you may) why and what must’ve gone wrong. I went over the submission of the people who succeeded and compared my work. Back and forth, I kept reasoning out my failure and after a brief pity party, I was back.

Back where I belong.

Feeding the positive-weakens the negative.

So I switched on some music and danced. This would be an appropriate time to tell you that I have two left feet (lately, I am getting to realize that I really suck at a lot of things! Hmmm!!). Anyway, so I danced, for about a few minutes (in my head for about an hour) and then the worry just vanished like a puff of smoke. Yes. Suddenly I felt that dark, gloomy soot released from my body in thin air and I felt a swift shift in my demeanor- from sulkiness to deliverance.

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sunThey say, if we feed our mind with positivity then it gradually becomes a habit and leads us to a happy place. So, if you really want to be happy you would make those necessary changes to create happiness around you and within. Shifting one’s perceptions from unproductive notions to productive thinking will lead one to make behavioral alterations- for the positive.

So eventually, what necessarily must lie beyond dejection is acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that you are here and now and no one can take that from you. Why don’t we make the best of it, then? If not now, one will achieve.

When in doubt-Trust yourself.

It’s all about turning the ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’! Right?

Yeah, there’s my rainbow!


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27 thoughts on “Beyond Dejection

  1. Love how you ended it with when in doubt, trust yourself. And so true, think positive uplifting thoughts. Very nice and inspiring post Kajal. And dancing makes me very happy too.

  2. It’s so easy to wallow in self pity and so hard to pull yourself out of it. It’s great that you could dance your troubles away. As for two left feet – who cares!

  3. Thank you for this. I needed to read something like this today because I feel dejected. I still need to write a post for today to be caught up with everyone else doing UBC and NaBloPoMo. Lovely post that I needed desperately today. ♥

    1. Vishal, its so nice of you to have made a confession here. I feel we all get low and dejected sometimes but we must understand that its temporary and then make attempts to turn it into temporary.

      We are our own critics and believe me no one is judging and you and if anyone is…then its just too bad they are wasting their energy. Just remember that you are the only ‘You’ in this whole world. Can you imagine how special that is…no one quite like you!!

      So stay afloat…no time to lament! 🙂

  4. So much of positiveness in this! I am also a happy person most of the times… but at times when nothing feels right I sulk silently… and I need my “Me” time to get back to the real world!

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