My Mojo!

You know who that is, right? Right? No?

That’s my 6 year old who I fondly call Little Miss 6. She is something, I tell you. She has an answer to everything, a solution to everything, actually. At the most unusual times she would come up with some smart remark that you’d be left speechless. Well, there are so many things she ‘says’, I’d have to constantly keep a log every time I am around her, which I guess is not practical at all.

hugsNevertheless, there are things that I keep recording on this blog which, possibly, will remind her of her childhood when she grows up. So in case you’re hoping to know any better… well, I have no links, but stay tuned. Okay?

Like a lot many times, yesterday was another test of my parenting skills. I am not really good at craft. Fine, I’ll tell the truth. I suck…completely. I am so pathetic that once the craft is done, even when I give it a final look…I’m like, gosh! What hit us?

Anyway, so, Little Miss 6 was required to submit a Science and a Maths project in school and the school had already given the directives since the beginning of the month. Even though I had made a mental note of the same, I never got around to help her complete it. The simple reason being, I didn’t want her to seal the deal with ‘Mom sucks at craft’. So till late in the evening, yesterday, I was scraping for the raw material required to make a volcano. I got clay, some soda, vinegar, a plastic board and a box.  (I have a reason to list all this). The beauty is I took the time to hunt for a website where I could learn how to make a volcano and to top it I went around three shops to get all this stuff. Now this is a ‘new’ to me.

Finally when I gathered all the stuff and put myself down to help her get going, she asked me very casually, ‘Mom, where’s the switch?’

‘What switch?’ quizzically, I asked.

‘The switch…’ she raised her voice a little in a bid to make me understand what she was saying when I interrupted her.

‘Which switch?’ My animated question made her stand up and she began her share of animated explanation.

‘The one that will make the volcano burst!’ she said emphasizing as if she clearly knew what she was taking about.

‘Why do we need to burst the volcano?’ Half anxious, half worried I kept staring in her direction.

‘The teacher said it has to be connected to a switch and the ketchup will come out of the volcano’ she explained.

‘But I didn’t get no ketchup!’ I still held to the fact that I was right in what I was helping her with.

‘That you will get in the kitchen’ she obviously thought I wouldn’t be as dumb to know that, right!

‘Yes, but that’s not how we are making the volcano right now.’ In a flash of a second I saw myself hunt for a website where I could see how its made and then hunt for the stuff required for it. What a scary thought, it was! So I decided to calm her down along with myself.

handshake‘Baby, lets stick to how mama saw on the website and I know it will turn out fine, I promise’ I reasoned with her while in my heart I was unsure myself. I also felt bad that possibly it would not turn out the way her teacher told her.

Finally we truced and got going. She mixed all the clay and made a mound of it. I gave her a pencil she could dig the mound with from the top. And then we set it aside to dry. Even though she was happy getting her hands dirtied with all the clay work and making sure all was done as planned (eventually), I could sense that she was not too happy with my point of view. Once we cleaned the area and set ourselves to start with the Math project (we made a clock), she decided to go with whatever was laid out and we finished that as well, peacefully.

 hugs1After about an hour, she asked me if the clay had dried, I checked and confirmed. She got all her paint and painted it like she wanted to and gave it a final look. She smiled. After she had washed her hands, she came over to the kitchen where I was at the time and hugged me from behind. ‘mama, It looks lovely. My project will come first.’ she gleamed.

Even though I know it is not a contest (at school) and even if it were, I knew my skills are not as crafty that it’d shine, but still I managed to gather something about. What made me eventually think was, is there anyone who’s going to accept me just as ‘I’ am? Ever. Only her. My mojo, she is!


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28 thoughts on “My Mojo!

  1. Little girls are like that, they just know how to make you happy, don’t they 🙂

    BTW, I would have loved to see pictures of what the project finally looked like…

  2. Awww…. daughters are magic! I dont have one yet but yes my cousin sister is of the same age as her and she is truly an angel at times. Their ability to understand what we are going through is so magical 🙂

    Hugs ❤

  3. Aww! That’s so sweet! Daughters are bestest! Ok, let me tell you that you are not alone, I am terrible at art and craft stuff too. Thank God, Aaryan is good at it and he managed it well all these years without much help from me in cutting and painting.

    1. That’s such a solace to hear (not that you’re equally bad) but y’know I meet other mothers of her classmates and I feel I hardly know all this stuff and I fear, my missy would be left behind because I don’t know any better 😦

  4. You are a sweety, Kajal! I love how our kids don’t care if we suck. They love us anyway! Hugs to you. I wish you many many more moments like these with your Little Miss 6!

    1. Thanks Vidya. That’s so right. They just love you even if you’re a failure. But that simply scares me sometimes. I fear sometimes that I may not measure up to her expectations. Now she’s just 6…but she will grow up!

  5. Aww that’s so sweet 🙂 I’m sure she will be feeling very proud of you especially because her project would be the most unique. 🙂
    We’d love to know what happened in school. What did the teacher say?

    1. yeah, she was happy that she got to display her project. She also gave me a little demo when she came back from school. She was delighted to have done what was told to her. I think her teacher was also happy 🙂

  6. I don’t know why but I am have tears in my eyes right now. It was such a sweet story of pure unadulterated human love. Kajal you are blessed to feel this each day, someone loves you for who you are. God bless you and that sweet little girl. I hope this bond stays forever *hugs*


      1. Hi Kajal, read your e-book.
        loved the wave of emotions priya had to undergo. you captured it well, and although I feel sorry for this character, I applaud you for letting her sail through rough waters with ease!

        Bravo on this journey and wishing you many more 🙂

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