A Degenerated Life

This was one of those days, when Aurelia found her mind blank- without a thought, without a desire and without aspiration. It was not like she was facing this for the first time but in the past few years, she found herself a victim of circumstances, sometimes beyond her comprehension.

Pushing-Elevator-ButtonShe pulled herself up from her chair behind a modest work cabin table and walked towards the elevator. The carton in her hands held a bare minimum of personal belongings she had kept in her office. There should’ve been a plant she thought to herself as the elevator door opened.

On reaching the basement, she found her car parked at the far end of the parking. It was quite a walk towards the car and while walking she again gave a peek in the carton she was holding. A stapler, a diary, a few files, a tiny little stuffed cat that was gifted to her by a friend, a little mug with the slogan ‘No. 1’ printed in bold red color. Her mind was still wandering back to the events of the day.

She approached the car and reversed it looking carefully in the rear view mirror. Even though she had been driving for a few years now, she was highly skeptical while reversing the car. Nevertheless, she managed to pull the car out from the parking.

‘You’re fired!’

‘You’re fired’ Mr. Roy’s voice kept ringing in her ears as she tried to fight back her tears but not for long. Now that she was away from the premises of her office, she could let herself go. Even though Mr. Roy had been kind enough for her to leave in peace, in her mind she could only hear the brutal words as a shout.

Aurelia drove to the third block on the Petworth Street and then she lost her way. She looked out from her window shield clearing off the tears from her eyes to recognize the neighborhood.

the-u-s-department-of-transportation-is-getting-strict-about-searching-while-driving_3333_800523701_0_0_7029822_300‘Awesome!’ she exclaimed hoping the monosyllable would make her recall where she exactly was. Her eyes constantly kept searching for that one lamppost, one post box and one door, one bicycle that would remind her if she was around home. With none of the familiar sites, she decided to pull over. As the car stopped, she gave a long sigh and then looked inside the car. There on the seat beside her, sat the carton with her personal stuff.

She slowly bent towards the box and scanned the articles again. A stapler, a diary, a few files, a tiny little stuffed cat that was gifted to her by a friend, a little mug with the slogan ‘No. 1’ printed in bold red color. Her mind again wandered back to the events of the day.

‘You’re fired!’ She heard Mr. Roy’s voice again and as if stuck by lightening, she went back to the wheel realizing that she was supposed to head back home. She began driving in the direction as if by a miracle she had remembered where exactly it was. As she pulled the car over, close to the annex, her husband called from inside, ‘How are you back so soon? Are you alright?’

Aurelia was uncertain how to respond to the question, which she was unsure even she knew the complete answer to. With the box in her hands, she walked inside the house. ‘ I guess, I got laid off- again. See I got the stuff back.’

‘No, worries, honey!’ her husband exclaimed. ‘You’ll find a job soon.’

‘Yes!’ Aurelia’s voice did not sound too hopeful though as she tottered her way to her room and suddenly stood at the hallway, thinking….am I hitting Alzheimer’s?


Disclaimer: Some of the events mentioned in this story are translated from real life incidents.

 Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other intellectual abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Due to this ailment, the patients usually find themselves incapable to performing daily activities, which can be highly frustrating.

Even though the disease is diagnosed as at advanced stage (stage four), the early signs can be easily noted. Repetitive questions or conversations, misplacing personal belongings, forgetting events or appointments, getting lost on a familiar route are just some of the symptoms. In case you notice some such symptoms in a dear one, please have them diagnosed completely. Healthy diet, medication and lot of affection can help the sufferer immensely.

Some of the things that you can do to help save your memory are illustrated in this article – 9 foods that may help save your memory.

The 2013 statistical report from the Alzheimer’s Association gives a proportion of the population affected – just over a tenth of people in the over-65 age group have the disease in the US. In the over-85s, the proportion goes up to about a third.

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38 thoughts on “A Degenerated Life

  1. Oh! sad for Aurelia. They say, Alzheimer’s is the cleverest thief, because she not only steals from you, but she steals the very thing you need to remember what’s been stolen!! A wonderfully narrated story, Kajal 🙂

  2. Lovely narration, in fact when you mentioned that she kept thinking of the actual words that Mr Roy said and she kept relooking at the contents of the carton itself, I had my own doubts, but that being said, lovely style in which the story unfolded.

  3. The narration was splendid. Alzheimer’s is so frightening. My grandma died with it. Very sad. And I worked with a man who was diagnosed with it and for a while he continued to work until he couldn’t remember why he was there or what he was to do, then he had to retire.

  4. I had to read it twice to really understand. Powerful narration Kajal.
    When I see my m-i-l slowly losing her memory, when I see my father repeating things to himself, I get scared. It is so tough to live without a memory 😦

  5. As much as I enjoyed reading the story, I felt a bit scared wondering what would happen if I found myself in such a living hell situation. That frustration of not being able to remember things and when we know that we’ve obviously forgotten something, there can be nothing worse. God help all those people who have to put up with this disease.

    1. I know what you’re saying. A very close friend of mine is suffering from an early stage of Alziehmer’s and it sure get scary sometimes, when he forgets where he actually is and imagine how frustrating it can get.

      Scary as hell!

    1. Thanks Vishal.

      This is the most scariest ailment I think. I have a friend who suffers from this and its really sad to see him this way. Anyway, glad you dropped by and found this story worth it.

  6. I for one am praying that she doesn’t have alzheimers. I am hoping it is only s scare. On the other hand Kajal this is one of the most scary old age and sometimes early age disease because of its irregular pattern. And yes we all must be very aware and proactive about our lifestyles and health to avoid such things..


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