Sweets And Smiles

I have always been a huge fan of ‘smiles’. I feel that a genuine smile is that unsaid word that will melt anybody’s heart. I maintain that smiles generate from the goodness of the heart and reflect on one’s face. That is what really makes one beautiful. I have previously, at an occasion, mentioned how I am easily affected by smiles. {Link to the post}. Anyway, the introduction really leads me to a story.

happinessMy job requires me to visit various branches of the corporate and there is this particular branch where I might have visited at least thrice in the last two months. Each morning as I would park my car opposite the office, the guard of the premises would get up from his seat. I was always very amused by his gesture, since this is not what is expected of him, so while approaching the premises I would flash a smile at him. This happened for a few times. And even when I would return he would hold the door for me, each time.

 A few days ago when I was there, again, the same thing was repeated. During the course of the day, I stepped out of the office to take a call and once I was done with it, the same guard approached me.

 ‘Ma’m, my brother got enrolled in the army’ he started off.

‘That’s great…. congratulations.’ I responded with equal excitement. ‘So, has he already left for the training?’ I continued the conversation since he kept standing there hoping to strike a conversation. I could easily notice how excited he was from the gleam in his eyes.

‘No, no. He will leave in a few days.’ He blurted and then continued, ‘My father was also in the army.’ The pride with which he declared it was immensely commending.

‘That’s great!’ I resonated with similar enthusiasm.


‘Now I will also give up this job in 2 months and join the army,’ he said, holding his head a bit higher – that’s how I imagine it. He smiled and went back to his position after I gave him a few of my pearls of wisdom.

After about a few minutes, I saw him distributing sweets. Out of the sweet box he took out two pieces and wrapped them in a transparent bag and offered those to me. ‘This is for you ma’m.’

‘For me?’ I exclaimed. ‘Why separately?’ I could not believe he thought of involving me in his joy like this. How he responded is what got me to write this post.

‘Ma’m, whenever you come here, you smile at me. That’s why.’ With that he handed the packet to me and walked off. 

The smallest of gestures like a smile, can fill up our hearts like multiple lanterns that brighten up our days.


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28 thoughts on “Sweets And Smiles

    1. Thanks Corinne! Its absolutely true that sometimes we are unaware how our actions are impacting others. I am sure the ones who have been unimpressed with me never came to tell me about that (like this person did!) So I guess, that’s so bad!

      Anyway, thanks for the compliment. 🙂

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