The Siblings

two teenage sisters staring at each other

‘No way’ Adhaya screamed while slamming the door behind her. Jisha followed her right back, opened the door to the room and screamed back, ‘But its mine!’ 

‘I don’t care, I saw it first’ Adhaya quickly went and sat by the table and put her laptop on.

Jisha stood right across and slid the laptop away from her, ‘don’t even try that! This is mine!’

‘Why! Because you can always be bossy’ Adhaya retorted. ‘I need these shoes and I am ordering them now. Why can’t I do it first?’

‘Well, because you are my little sister!’ Jisha said calmly.

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62 thoughts on “The Siblings

  1. Siblings at war is common. But then it is these wars that bring them closer. The more you love each other, the more you fight. Isn’t that strange?
    Lovely post Kajal. I could relate to it so easily. I have gone through this situation so many times.

  2. I don’t have a sibling…But my wife does..And she tells me stories about how they fought over the Television remote….Funny.

  3. Hey Kajal, i´m on the ultimate blog challenge with you ;-). It is the second time i had a post about siblings, and me and my wife are thinking about expanding the family. I hope these aren´t signs :-). Great little post, brought a smile on my face.Have a great sunday

    1. Thanks David…I love it how you considered this post as a sign and in case you do finalise your decision, I’d be a contributor too *wink, wink*

      Anyway, thanks for visiting and appreciate your comments 🙂

  4. Ah! I miss my sis!! :-/ She is enjoying at home.. being pampered by ma!! Sigh…
    We used to have such grand fights!! 😛
    And shoes is so appropriate to fight over!! 😀

  5. ha ha … lovely banter …and its a common sight .. love the names jisha and aadhya..but i have a feel many times the little ones have their way more often than not

  6. ha ha ha 🙂

    I know this and relate to it. I am the elder one and many times boss around with my little bro. Today he is grown up and yet when it comes to a few things I AM THE BOSS 😛

    Loved it. Sending it to him for old times sake ❤

  7. I have 3 daughters and understand that they naturally work out so much more than the immediate tiff of the day when I step aside and let them work it out. Lines are crossed only occasionally, so it sure saves on the energy required to be overly involved. Rightly involved and observant is the way I approach it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Donovan. I do understand that some of these fights can get off hand. But the beauty of having a sibling is to be able to help each other grow and with little tiffs one can assume they learn to handle each others’ nuances as well .

      Appreciate you coming by.

  8. Ha ha … That sounds familiar. I am the older one of two sisters but never ever did she let me boss her. I would have loved to see her face if I said something like that. She’d probably collapse laughing.

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