Creativity Takes A Turn

TV watching happens to be one of my past times and I enjoy scrutinizing everything I watch. Especially, the TV commercials. Though there are some that are just intolerable, still there are some that bring out the creativity of the makers to the T. Recently there has been an upsurge in the commercials that depict the changing values of our society.

02_BournvitaSome of the nicest commercials that I have seen recently involve products for children. Bournvita is one such product that comes up with brilliant commercials to promote the product. Their series of ‘Tayaari Jeet Ki’ (Preparing to win!) commercials always manage to impress me. There was one where the ad (released in 2011) declared that if you prepare your child to win, then they need not fear losing because they’d always stay a winner in the truest sense. {Watch the commercial here}

01_BournvitaThe other day I was watching a commercial for Bournvita (released in 2013) where a young mother is sprinting with her son and trying to instill competitiveness in her child. The film shows how the new age parent is no longer just a nurturer but also a participant in the growth of their child as an individual. It’s not just about instilling good habits in a child but also unlocking their potential and preparing them for tomorrow. The narrative in the background gives out how the mother believes that habits are neither built in a day nor easily and therefore constant perseverance is necessary. That is such a vital message. {Watch the commercial here}

Another one I saw today was what enthused me to write this post. It is again a commercial for Bournvita where the mother inspires her child to compete with someone who is better than them because in life there is never going to be parallel competition. Given that this is such a valid point, it drew my attention. This one released in 2013 again had the same message that habits are neither built in a day nor easily. It is amazing how, with the change in society, this does not only portray the changing values of the parents but also their view point about encouraging their children to explore distinct fields. This one specifically shows how the mother helps instill self confidence in her child and boosts them in a sport that is atypical.

Here’s this commercial for your dekko. Its done brilliantly.



hum apni tayaari behtar logon ke saath karenge

yeh aadat hamein ehsaas dilate rahegi ki hum kitne kaabil hain

par aadatein na ek di mein banti hain na aasani se

kyunki zindagi mein muqabala kabhi baraabari ka nahin hoga

lekin abse hum do kadam aage rahenge


We will prepare ourselves with better prepared ones

Since it will keep reminding us how capable we really are

Habits are neither formed in a day, nor easily

Because in life, competition is unparalleled

But for that, we will prepare ourselves to be two steps ahead

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36 thoughts on “Creativity Takes A Turn

  1. I also personally kind of like the Bournvita sprinting one, and after having watched the boxing one, the same theme continues. Like you say that entire premise of this series of ads revolves around the new age mom who not only encourages her child but also accompanies him/her in the journey of the child picking up the sport and excelling at it.

    That being said the judgement is divided on whether health drinks such as Bournvita are really required for children. Most nutritionists are of the opinion that only children who are really active and into physical sports who require the supplements that these drinks provide. Normal children are better off eating their vegetables and greens.

    In any case, this post was about the creativity of the ad film makers and for sure the advertisements that you mentioned above are clear examples of the same.

    1. Thanks Jairam.

      Yeah, for sure, its not the product that was the focus of the post here but the brand of advertising which seems to have evolved over the last few years.

      Appreciate your comments. 🙂

  2. Had seen the boxing ad and it was inspiring. 5 years ago I took up karate with my son so I could motivate him. Unfortunately he didn’t take to it and my back started playing up. But yes, it’s good to participate alongside your kids.

  3. Yes, the ads are surely inspiring! I wish some ads would also show how to handle failing. I wonder why everything is about competition these days. And why should the mother not prepare them for failure too. Of course, it won’t go with the theme of drinking Bournvita, I guess.

    1. I really hold your views in high regard. But I beg to differ here. Actually in these commercials the mothers are encouraging the kids to deal with failure and keep working towards achieving. What I like is how the ads are worded… habits are not made in a day nor easily which shows how to achieve something, one needs to keep working towards it (hence dealing with failure) But then, that’s how I perceive these ads. I am sure your view does not match mine. But its okay!

      I love it how we can have varied views here…keep coming back 🙂

  4. “It’s not just about instilling good habits in a child but also unlocking their potential and preparing them for tomorrow.” – Well put, Kajal. Love the translation too. You have kept the essence of the original language one intact. That is quite hard to achieve. 🙂

  5. Ditto Vidya, I too love the ad with the Mom and Son sprinting together. But I hate boxing and wrestling.I switch off the TV or change channels if anything even faintly connected to boxing and wrestling are featured.

    Lovely post Kajal.

    1. That’s right! I remember my mom trying to be her best to make sure we attend our classes and prepare ourselves for future. I try to do that for my daughter too and I know how much this means for any parent to be able to participate in their growth.


  6. I can particularly relate to the 2nd ad. My son was inspired by my running. These ads stress on physical and outdoor activity as an integral part of a person’s personality…which is true.

    1. You know, when many other ads project kids at doing something fashionable, I really find these ads throwing a statement. Its really great that these ads are promoting sports as a way to discipline oneself and deal with challenges.Thanks Janaki.

  7. Amazing creative with such a strong message. Thanks for bringing it together always you have a great way of binding a subject into something interesting! Keep writing 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing the video…I had not seen this one but esp love the sprinting ad…these days ad makers are turning out to be game changers with the kind of ideas and themes coming up…so fresh and inspiring!

    1. Hai Na Richa! I gues this is why I connected with this ad. Being a daughter myself and having a daughter, I could really understand what went behind this ad. I lovurved it! Thanks 🙂

  9. I love the first one as well. I think that it is awesome that she is getting out there and helping him get motivated. I loved all the commercials at Christmas time too, especially the glade one with the kids singing. I have followed your blog also, I would love it if you would visit mine too, and follow. I just switched to self hosted and lost most of my followers

  10. Great post Kajal and personally I liked the sprinting ad because of the narrative that says mere bete to jeet aadat tab lageli jab woh mujhe haraaiga tab nahi jab main use jeetne doongi, kyonki aadatein na ek din mein banti hain or na aasani se. I just love this narrative.

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