My Christmas Present

Towards the end of December I have been missing my loved ones a lot. Especially when I saw a lot of family action the past two months. My parents were here for a few days and once they left I have been feeling like there’s been a sudden void in the house. But this season, Vidya Sury, like an angel turned my Christmas into a festival, that was’nt originally.

On her 50th birthday she decided to share her joy with her fellow tribers at Write Tribe by compiling the favorite blogs of 36 bloggers from the group. It turned out to be an analogy of experiences from across the country with a whole array of emotions.

The-Write-Tribe-Anthology-Book-1 pic

Yours truly was also among the 36 contributors of this book. For this particular book I have contributed my post ‘You are beautiful‘ (Page 26). This post was written when I was sorting a whole lot of things and along the way uncluttering my life. Therefore, this post is very close to my heart.

And so here I bring you a downloadable copy of the e-book – The Write Tribe Anthology. Click here on the picture to download.

Through this post, I’d like to thank Vidya for conceptualizing the project and completing it right when one needed cheer for gloomy days. Much thanks to Vaisakh and Corinne for helping with the book. Appreciate what you all have done for us!


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