I Live To Eat – A blog review

I live to eat! Yes I do, but that’s not what this post is about. Today I review a blog by the name of ‘I Live To Eat’ as a part of ‘Secret blog Elves’ at Indiblogeshwaris.

When I logged into this blog, the first thing I noticed was how small little snowflakes started flying all over the screen. That reminded me of my birthplace and I instantly felt at home. The blog is owned by Janice Goveas who calls herself a reluctant blogger and an ardent foodie. She is blogger at iDiva and many of her blog posts had originally appeared on the magazine. Therefore, when you land at her food blog you begin to instantly feel hungry. The home page itself is laid with multiple recipes and pictures of sumptuous food.

foodNow, I do love having food but cooking is something, which is more out of encumbrance than order. Okay…. I hate cooking! So when it comes to recipes (especially the complex ones) I am always put off. I don’t like reading a long list of ingredients and then having to follow them!! Too much work. But with Janice’s blog, most recipes are simple with ingredients one might easily find at home. The first one I noticed on the blog was her grandmother’s Chicken Curry recipe and believe me while reading through the steps to follow I was heavily salivating. I bet if I try it at home, I’d be as delighted with the end result. *Self-note* Try at home!

Not just recipes, but she also reviews restaurants and eateries. Isn’t that just a blessing to be able to check the highs and lows of a place you’re going to visit the first time. I went through her reviews of Candies in Bandra (Mumbai) and Salt Water and well, I was glad to have gotten a very fair review of both the places. The first time I had been there, I had found it just as she has described. Works perfectly for me.

Over all, the blog is delicious…er, I mean its lovely. Recipes and reviews spread in a simple format on the home page with no complex links to follow. And you’d love it more so because there is a personal touch to it. You can feel how passionately she feels about food.

Thank you Janice, for giving me an opportunity to peek into your food world. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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17 thoughts on “I Live To Eat – A blog review

  1. Aha so the next time I’m visiting Mumbai, will drop by Janice’s blog and read all her reviews. But I do know Candies in Bandra – their chicken and mutton pattice are to die for. Nice review Kajal. thanks for bringing this to us. Merry Christmas.

  2. I love the name of the blog … and will refer it to my friends who are food freaks and keep looking for new places or some other who are crazy about cooking… loved the way you garnished this post with your own association and memories…All in All…Well Cooked!!!

  3. I love to eat to and challenge my culinary skills as staying away from home gives you that liberty…i’ll surely love to read ‘I live to eat’…nice review 🙂

  4. I haven’t been to this yummilicious blog. Glad to have chanced upon it through your review. I’m definitely trying out the Chicken Curry recipe. That’s gonna be tge easiest way to win hearts of my purely non-vegetarian hubby and ducklings. 😀

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