Blessing In Disguise

The highly publicized break up of a fairy tale Bolly couple, a few days ago, saw a cloud of speculations about their failed relationship. People crowded around to discuss and dissect reasons for their separation.


How can the depth of a rupture be measured? How loud is the sound of heartbreak? How judgmental can someone be of the years spent in fond togetherness? How insensitive can people be of the ones who are already struggling to stay afloat?


Maybe for them it is a blessing in disguise that lets them live a fulfilled life and one that is blissful solitude. 

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28 thoughts on “Blessing In Disguise

  1. I am glad you wrote about the lovely couple and two wonderful human beings, across industry circles. I am shocked how people are assessing the relationship and trying to be in their place. What they need is their personal space and let them be. What’s sad is the affair allegations and makes me laugh how people tend to become expert in other people’s life and make allegations. That’s sad.

    1. So true, Vishal. People just need to let some people be. Even if they are celebrities, they are humans too. Why should they not be left alone at least at times when they really need to be.

  2. kajal I love the end message. We cannot of course convince the papparazzi to leave them alone.. but we can of course somewhere say that not all separations lead to disaster..


  3. I guess that’s the price of fame – everyone gets to have a view on their personal lives. But then, it happens to us ‘ordinary’ people too – when friends and relatives are ready with unsolicited advice. Like you said, no one, except the couple concerned, knows what’s going on.

    1. Thanks Vidya. I really appreciate your comments and its always nice to have you over.

      Do keep visiting!

      BTW, this issue is always very close to my heart. I really find people pecking at other’s business highly annoying. How would they ever know how much it really hurts!

  4. A break up is traumatic for those involved but a chocolate for those ready to chew and gossip on that. They seem to celebrate it by cooking up stories and indulging in character assassination. Truly disgusting.

    1. That’s right Geet…truly disgusting. But as Corinne says, its the cost they pay for being a celebrity. But I still stand by the fact that its really no one’s business to interfere in someone’s relationships.

  5. Hi Kajal…. I always love your take on prompts.. and this one is so true…I have seen couples in an estranged relationship not struggling with their emotions but more with the people around them who burden them with unwanted pressures… yes if we cant stand next to them in thir time of need is to just leave them alone…

  6. I agree. Just because they are celebrities everybody has a right to judge /advice /speculate about their lives. I guess they should be allowed to decide what’s best for them! A thought provoking take on the prompt!!

  7. “Blissful solitude”…I liked it!:)

    I find it very very irritating when people/media want to know every personal/private details of celebrities! How would we feel when people start stalking and asking about our personal lives? Why can’t media understand that celebrities too need to breathe their personal life, space and privacy. It’s not necessary to know every how, why and when about them!!

  8. Nice post and very rightly said. Personally, I did feel disappointed on hearing about their separation and I hoped that they do reconcile for the sake of their kids. But at the end of the day, it’s their life and we have no say in that. If they have decided to move on in their separate paths, they know there is a good reason behind it. Keep blogging !

    Eloquent Mind

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