My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is a WOW Post


I had been waiting for the scheduled train for over 15 minutes now. I kept looking at my watch and then at my tickets to make sure I had read the time correctly. I was completely sure that amidst this urgency I wouldn’t have made a mistake in scheduling my tickets. I was surprised that there was no announcement as well for any kind of delay in the train.


I looked around for a seat and sat myself, with a heavy trunk I had filled up with the goodies required by my best friend, along by my side. She was to get married in a few days and I was so eager to be with her and get her helping with the finishing touches. Sitting here I kept wondering if I had kept all that she had asked for. ‘The list…where’s the list?’ I thought and dug into my purse to look for it just to make sure I had everything that was on the list. Even though she had hardly demanded for anything, yet I knew there were some things she could definitely make use of. A soft smile on my lips made sure that all was in shape as I safely put the list away back where it belonged.


And my dress…yeah, I had found out just the ideal dress for the wedding… a green and blue ensemble with golden work done all along its border. I had got matching accessories and shoes to go with it. My heart was pumping hard with excited glee. I checked my watch again and looked towards the direction from where the train was to emerge. There was still no sign of the train. I looked around for other anxious travellers. There was none, which was surprising considering that the train was scheduled thrice each week and usually is always crowded. Since this was its inception point I was hoping to have more people on the platform waiting for it.


With that thought, I found my wandering deliberations back to the impending wedding that was to take place in two days. I was completely thrilled that I could take time off from work and attend all the celebrations. Also because I had already booked my train tickets about 5 months back just to make sure I do not miss it at all. My excitement was clearly evident on my face, I guess. There was a young fellow who was standing behind the bench I sat on. I caught him looking at me intrigued to understand my delight while I kept holding on to my tickets in his full view.


I grew a tad bit conscious and put my tickets back in the outer pocket of my purse for easy access, later. Just then I felt him move behind me. I could sense his movements from behind my shoulder and I grew a bit mindful when he seated himself by my side. I looked the other way in order to pretend that I was unaffected by his presence when he tapped on my shoulder softly. I got startled and looked right at him. He was as astounded as I was too but he soon caught his composure and mustered up some words. I was so nervous I could barely understand what he had just muttered.


Looking at my confusion he repeated himself, ‘Are you going to Kunoor?’


I nodded my head softly.


‘Can I look at your tickets?’  He offered. Even though I was confused why he wanted to look at my tickets, I quickly fished the tickets from my purse and showed it to him. On a second glance he did not look threatening to me so I was okay sharing my space with him.


He carefully looked at my tickets and then back at me. I grew suspicious when he repeated that at least twice more. And then I meekly uttered, ‘What is it?


‘The tickets are scheduled for tomorrow!’

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14 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. Guessed as much 🙂 Nice post though, although I haven’t done this myself, can completely understand that the excitement of the upcoming event confused your protagonist, plus the fact that she cannot wait for the wedding also shows 🙂

  2. LOL 😀 I have had this experience with movie tickets. I had booked it online and we went and sat on our seats. A few minutes later, a couple came and claimed it to be their seats. We went out and were arguing with the guy at the counter when he coolly informed us that they were for the next day! It was so embarrassing. Thankfully he gave us other seats for the same show! 😀

    1. Aaaah!!! I can understand how that must’ve been since that happened to me when we went to watch Ra.One and made the same mistake. We were treated the same way.

      Any this one, well, somewhat close to this one too…clumsy me:)

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