Diverse Stance

Stella: Would you please get up and sort your clothes. Your almirah looks like a riot.


Tyra: Yeah will do!


Stella: When??!!! I’ve been asking you to do that since the last 4 days now.


Tyra: Asking?? You’ve been nagging mom!


Stella: Asking you to stay in order is considered nagging for teenagers these days?mother_and_daughter_in_an_argument_1794959

 Tyra: Whatever!


Stella: If I were you I’d do things differently. I’d be more organized.


Tyra: I’m not you!


Stella: Sure! Else you’d do what I’m asking you to.


Tyra: Maybe, if I were you, I’d do things differently too. I’d give you more space.

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40 thoughts on “Diverse Stance

  1. Space…that’s a banned word in my house. Even now my mother doesn’t believe in the concept of space. I never had the courage to answer her back like this, but I think a lot of teenagers would behave the same way.

    1. That’s right Sugandha…

      I was a teenager like this btw. I always used to find myself arguing with my mom over petty things. Now, as an adult, I still raise my point if I don’t agree with her/them.

  2. Same to same here also Kajal. The best one. “You will never understand what I am going through. This generation is different!”. I remember saying the same thing to my mom, but with much lower tones. 😦

  3. My mom once threatened me with No more new clothes if your wardrobe is going to be like this!!! That did the trick since then I have never kept it like that… today she has a messy cupboard though 😉

  4. I have been there done that, realized that organizing is a better way(my mother must be jumping up and down saying “I told you so” :P), cause it makes us efficiently use time…its about learning to be a little considerate. Both are right from where they are.

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