You Are My Hope

I was happy to be coming back home with a small little trophy in my hand. I rushed back home to show it to my mother. As soon as I entered the house, I noticed her sobbing in a corner.


‘What happened ma?’ I asked concerned as she wiped her tears off in a bid to hide them from me.


‘Nothing’, she said and quickly looked at the shining trophy in my hand. ‘What is that? Show me….’ she took the trophy in her hand, looked at it admiringly and kissed my forehead as I went on narrating my achievement for which I had earned the trophy.


With her moist eyes that shone out of excitement, she looked at me and said, ‘You are my only hope, my son!’




This was the third day in a row when my mother was beaten black and blue by my father after a wild argument when he walked in drunk last night. This violence has been my life for the last 10 years and there is barely anything that I can do about it….at least for now.


My mother says that we will be rescued by this demon when I grow up. She always looks at my hands, each morning, kisses them and says, ‘these are your future…keep them safe.’ The rugged roughness of her hands rubs against the back of my palm and with each day my resolve gets stronger to keep mine safe… ‘for bigger tasks’, she says. Her tired eyes for the last few years have been looking at me with hope for a brighter future for both of us.


She has been working hard since long to raise me, to hold the household, to get me educated, only to be rewarded with kicks and blows at the end of the day. Her retaliation has always been met with even more hurt while my scared eyes would keep longing to wrap her in the embrace of my arms and protect her.



Today as well, she looks at me, as I get ready to go to school. She gets me ready, combs my hair, and mounts my haversack on my back. She takes my tiny and soft hands in hers and kisses them. Like always she bids me goodbye for the day with a message that stays constant forever, ‘You are my only hope, my son!’

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20 thoughts on “You Are My Hope

  1. Touching post, and completely agree with your previous comment that education is probably one of the most effective ways in which this menace of domestic abuse can be tackled. Lovely take on the prompt 😀

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