The Mechanical Life

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Anya had been burning the candle at both ends the past few days at work. From morning till evening she was slogging in the office and would often return home late at night completely sloshed. Ever since she moved into this neighborhood, she realized she had not even met a single neighbor since her work kept her completely tied up and away from any social connect. It was one of those days when she unlocked the door of her apartment and without a thought crashed on the couch in the living room.


After a while she got up. She picked up her phone to check the time. Now looking at the screen of her phone she noticed 38 missed calls in 10 mins! She wondered what was going on. All the three numbers were unknown to her and she wondered who all could have called her while she slept like a log.

I hope it’s not someone at work, trying to understand the figures. She guessed it would be someone who was following up on the numbers she had so attentively put across for the worksheet to be used in the annual review the next day. It could be Anoop. She guessed. He’s the one who usually keeps snooping around at others’ work. And incidentally, his name rhymes too Anoop –snoop. But why would he call? I think he left for home before I did in the evening and he never even knew what I was working at, this evening. Though he has been a pest lately…anyway, let me try and call back.

She was feeling utterly dreary, still she managed to dial the number that appeared first, which was a mobile number. The number seemed to be out of connectivity area and hence she moved to the next two numbers that seemed to be from a landline series- strange looking numbers though. Again there was no response from those numbers.

Who could that be? She kept thinking to herself. It was only then that she realized that the time that flashed on her phone screen was 2:23 a.m. Had I passed out when I got back home today? She got the chills simply imagining that. No wonder there’s no response from any of the numbers. Who would take calls at such ungodly hours! She seemed to feel so drowsy and groggy that without any further thought she got up from the couch to freshen up, change into her night clothes and then she slept soundly in her bed.

Next morning, just like always, she popped out of her bed at the first sound of the alarm and swiftly got into action with her mechanical schedule. She gulped her breakfast as quick as possible and off she went out of her apartment. She checked the time on her phone- 8:20 a.m.  I hope I reach before Sandhya does. I would’nt want the boss to think I’m late, not at least today.  Just like always she jumped into a taxi and within minutes she was in the office. Phew! Among the first few to reach on time. She beamed at the thought itself and prepared her desk to begin her day at work. The review was scheduled towards the latter half of noon, so she busied herself with frequent tapping of the keyboard and frantic glances at the files spread on her table.

Close to noon she received a call and while working on the kepyboard she gave a glance at the screen of her phone- unknown number. She ignored the call since it did not seem important to her. After a few minutes the phone rang again. She disconnected her fingers from the laptop to pick the phone. ‘Yes!’ She called out.

‘Yes!’ she nodded.


‘That’s right!’ her voice confirmed the information at the other end of the phone.

‘Oh My God!! Really?’

‘I am sorry. I had slept and forgot all about it.’

‘Sorry again…and thank you.’ Anya disconnected the phone and held her head in her hands when Ramya walked in.


‘What happened?’ Ramya asked.

‘Nothing, really.’ Anya responded without a thought and looking at Ramya’s expressions changed, she explained.

‘Yesterday, on my way back from office, I ordered Chinese food at home and completely forgot about it. As soon as I reached home, I slept and missed their delivery confirmation calls. By the time I woke up it was rather late.’ Anya paused for a while and looked up at Ramya to seek a response from her. Ramya stood there, listening to her friend. She smiled.

‘What!!!??’ Anya did not seem amused.

‘Get a life.’ Ramya responded.

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Disclaimer: All the characters in the post are fictitious and resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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23 thoughts on “The Mechanical Life

  1. Nice take on the prompt. Should serve as a reminder for all the workaholics out there who completely seem to forget that they work because they want to live a better life, but then in the process of earning to live a better life, they completely forget to actually live the life that they are working for in the first place 😀 Wow, that was quite a convoluted sentence, wasn’t it ??

  2. Very nicely written. …. without putting any crap simply u have communicated the impotance of life….. it was very engrossing…..

  3. That’s the scenario today. We earn well, dress up well and showcase ourselves very well. But at the end of the day, we are not gaining anything at all. Perfect take on the prompt.

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