Peace Within

‘So what exactly do you want to do?’ He asked grimly.


‘I want to leave.’ She tried to sound convincing, but her tone failed her. She sounded more scared than she portrayed.


‘Leave? You can’t leave? What about Daksh?’ He looked at the small 3 year old frame that lie between both of them while they talked in hushed tone.


‘He leaves with me.’ She looked right at him, her tone indicated obviousness.


‘You’re being unfair.’ Akshay turned towards his side of the bed and in a bid to stop any further discussion closed his eyes.


‘Just like always’ Sneha thought and switched off the bedside lamp and pretended to sleep, as well.


This was possibly the fourth time that they were trying to come to an agreement over what should be their course from here on. Sneha hoped that she could get a final affirmation the next day.




Five years ago when Sneha had met with an accident, Akshay was out of country on a project when his closed friend Arnav tended her broken hip, got the hospitalization done, remained with her when she needed. Sneha had no idea that this would be a major turn of event in her life. Not only was she confined to the bed for almost 6 months, it took Akshay at least 10 days to chuck his project and get back, as well.


Akshay had to really push the peddles at work to get back from where he had left and he was gone for another year or so. All this while, Arnav was available to manage things for her, help her with the physiotherapy sessions and take her around when required. Through all this, Sneha did not realize that it was turning out to be more than friendship and as time passed, she felt a compatibility with him that she had missed almost all her life.


This was the time that she was at her vulnerable most and had to draw herself from the situation. The best she could do was to try and get back to work. Also because she did not want to cheat on Akshay. ‘Had it come to that?’ she thought to herself. Akshay was going to be back in a few days, and she did not want to make things uncomfortable for him.




The next morning, Sneha decided she had to get this done. ‘Why can’t he just agree to this?’ she questioned herself in her mind, hoping that her thought gets communicated to him. Akshay, at the breakfast table, did not intend to begin the day with an argument.



‘You know, I am required to join in a week’s time at my new job. I need to start making preparations to move. And it’s just a few hours away for you. You can come visit us anytime you want.’ Sneha just went on an on in an attempt to make her point across.


She paused for a while and then sat beside him, ‘Look, believe me, this is something that I want to do.’


“You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” Akshay was looking right through her while he uttered these words. He rose from his chair and turned around. ‘You need to create peace within, before you create your world around.’ Akshay walked away while Sneha sat comprehending her next step.

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This post is written for Hemingway this Wednesday at WriteTribe

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Disclaimer: All characters in this post are fictional and do not bear resemblance to any person living or dead.

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29 thoughts on “Peace Within

  1. While I was reading this story from Sneha’s POV , felt it was Akshay’s fault but Kajal , you turned the tables around by Akshay telling Sneha to be at peace with herself and he is right in telling so. Lovely story with innermost conflicts raging with each other.

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